Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Warning! Dangerous curves ahead!

We're going to take an in-depth look, one by one on each subject this so called “daas torah” pedophiles have posted,  and show you exactly what the "real" case was all about and prove to you that Rabbi Nuchem is not picking on innocent people as they claim.

You dummies! There are so many molesters in our community (Nebech), why would he need to pick on innocent people, when the Rabbi does not have enough time to follow up on the real molesters! You think you are hurting him? You are hurting yourselves and your kids! He is doing you a favor and protecting YOUR community at no charge, since no one else has the right mind or the guts to do it for you!

Talk to the victims of these molesters and see how they feel about R’ Nuchem. Ask them what kind of man the Rabbi is? Ask them where they would end up without the Rabbis help? Ask them where the only source of support came to them? Ask them which other Rabbi helped them when they needed them most? Ask them how they felt at their most vulnerable time and everyone looked away? They can’t thank him enough for the hundreds of hours he gave them away for nothing else but to help them. You never know when your family member will be a victim, and you will feel helpless because there is not one rabbi in your community who wants to get involved.

This "Daas Torah" junkies, sophisticatedly decided which case to discuss and which one not to discuss (and they have the gall and chutzpah of calling Rabbi Rosenberg a pick-and-choose Rabbi) and brought nothing to the table to prove their case other than the favorite Clinton evidence, Deny, Deny, Deny!

Well, you wanted a rebuttal, here we are. We will bring you a rebuttal for EVERY SINGLE case! And we will not hold back at all. We will see how innocent your “innocent victims” are.

And you will have an opportunity to respond freely on our site, with out moderation approval. We are not afraid of a response.  We are not hiding the emails we don’t want the public to see. We are not sensoring the comments from our audience. We are not claiming (like you do) to post both sides of the spectrum, when all our comments we sent to you were not posted.

So far you guys have been ALL TALK. We will prove this! We will show you that! We will bring a lawsuit here! WE will bring a lawsuit there!

You guys are a joke and a disgrace !


  1. This is an awesome site. They have not posted my comments either, when asked them for any prove.

    They keep saying they are against molesters, why don’t they come out against a convicted molester like Lebowitz and say we are against him. Is that too hard to do?

    I have a feeling I know why and everyone else knows why. Your credibility is TWO HUNDRED BELOW ZERO

  2. Is there any validity to the this Lawsuit progress update! that they are posting or its just HOT AIR. Is there any illegal activity that Rabbi Rosenberg does in regard to child molestation that they can bring up a LAWSUIT

  3. Nuchem has one thing in life and that is to talk about sex and he's is addicted to keep talking about is send him to a therapist.

  4. ווען איך בין געווען א יונגער בחור פון פערצן יאר, האט מיר איינער מאלעסטערט אין א מקוה. י

    דער קעיס איז אנגעקומען צו וועד משמרת הצניעות אין וויליאמסבורג, זיי האבן עס באהאנדלט זייער גוט. זיי האבן מיר געגעבן די ריכטיגע ספארט, געשיקט צו די ריכטיגע מענטשן נאך הילף און יענעם מנובל האבן זיי זיכער געמאכט אז ער וועט מער נישט אנרירן קיין בחור. י

    איך בין עד היום הזה מכיר טובה ר' יוסף דוד קראוס שליט"א פארן טון דאס וואס ער האט געדארפט, אן קיין שום באצאלט. י

    איך ווייס פערזענליך אז וועד משמרת הצניעות האט אלע יארן געטאן א גוטע דזשאב, אכטונג געגעבן אויפן שטאט און געהאלפן וועמען מען האט געדארפט. י

    דאס איז וואס איך ווייס. י

    נעמט אין באטראכט אז נישט יעדער וואס איז מאלעסטערט געווארן וועט ארויפקומען זאגן וואס איך האב געזאגט, מיין שטימע דארף ציילן פאר נאך הונדערט מענטשן. י

    איך מיין אז עס איז נישטא קיינער וואס וועט קומען זאגן אז זיי האבן זיך געוואנדן צו וועד משמרת הצניעות און זיי האבן גארנישט געטאן. י

    איך זאג דאס וואס איך האב אליין בייגעוואוינט. י

  5. Great job, guys. (And writing like you have a grasp of the english language is appreciated as well!)

  6. Thank you, Shira

    And I responded to your question on the previous post, but here it is again, because I cannot stress it enough times.


    This is the easiest question I was ever asked! This is a no-brainer. You go to the police immediately! A molester does not belong on the street, and you don’t take chances when it comes to your child’s life!

    And the facts prove that a molester DOES NOT STOP molesting until he is caught. So you put him away at the first chance you have!

  7. while it is unfortunate that getridofnuchem.blogspot.com is apparently written by graduates of esol; they do represent an important and legitimate view. I can see where they may have been conflicted about whether to write their blog in yiddish, undoubtedly though they would have missed spreading their message to a larger community that easily and gullibly believes anything negative about their less 'educated chassidish brethren'.

    Their argument has consistently been about the characters and motives of a select few activists. I must say - they have done an admirable job in planting doubt about these folks to what seems a larger forum.

    Go ahead and refute what you can, but I suspect something will stick....

  8. Thank you for your answer! Simple isn't it?

    You have my support!

  9. answer to anon @ 6:47PM, (and perhaps worthy of its own post)

    Keep repeating the same rubbish and lies long enough and people will start thinking maybe it is the truth. Hitler and Goebels tried it with quite some success in the mid 1900s.
    As for Nuchem and this blog, we dont need proof of the quoted statistics about rape and moletation in the heimishe communities.....we are the statistics.
    Besides, I personaly worked with Reb Nuchem Shlita on a case of a molestations (that extra s was delibirate - Srul Hagger can attest to it) victim who turned to molesting boys himself. Reb Nuchem agreed not to publicize the young man's name for as long as we beleived we can help the guy heal and change his life. I personaly witnessed how Reb Nuchem uses careful discretion and treats every case and report with the required weighted thoughtfulness and regard for the parties, all the parties, involved.
    Reb Nuchem, stand proud and tall for the thankless work you have dedicated your health and wealth to. You are the voice of the silenced and you alone repair the hopelesness and despair of all those victims and families out there. You could so easily defend yourself by spilling the goods of everything you know without regard to the concerns of others. But your integrity places the good of the innocent community before your own safety and respect. Fear not these pseudo-ra-bonim and those despised "askooonim". Fear not those molesters and enablers lurking in the darkness, afraid of the light you shine on them. You hishtadlus will bear fruit in our lifetime for all to see that this is our way and the torah way as well. Chayluch L'Oraysu, reb Nuchem!

  10. If there are enough pedophiles to go after why does he curse each and every Ruv imagineable?

    Doesn't he realize that he's killing his credit?

    He can yell all day that these Rabbomin are harboring pedohiles threrfore they are as guilty. Sorry this does not fly in AMERICA as Nucahm loves to say.

    Go after the pedophiles and stop bashing the Rabonim this is the only way he will succeed.

  11. I personaly witnessed how Reb Nuchem uses careful discretion and treats every case and report with the required weighted thoughtfulness and regard for the parties

    Oh really? So how come he doesn;t use this discretion when talking about the Skelener or Reb Moshe Green?

    There is no doubt that he crossed the line and if he won't quit cursing Rabonnim HE WILL GO DOWN. And let me be clear. I DO NOT WANT HIM TO GO DOWN. I want him to deal with pedophiles and legit pedpjiles only.

    Enough with the Itzu Glick nonsense ?(what's it got to do with molestaion?). Enough with calling every Rebbe a horse and a chazer.

    He will not win public support like this.
    End of story.

  12. please keep this site for nuchoms suporters only!


    this is only for the nuchom's

  13. the rabbonim have become a sade group of jokers

    in fact in florida there were two cases that the north miami beach rabbonim covered up including a guy who molested his own kids and nochum helped expose them

    rabbonim have not earned any respect when they cover up molesters

  14. Nuchem does not put the skulener with the green-bellied bastard. The GBB is in a class of his own. From what I have read and heard from Nuchem it is the skuleners relative in Canada that he mocks. And it is not chutzpa to say a rabbis progeny was molested. It is just the sad ironic truth. If he identified the victim publicizing who he is, that would be unforgivable. No big deal here. I woulld venture a guess that the good rabbi nuchem has positive opinions of the skulener, may he be healthy and strong.