Monday, August 30, 2010

Jewish law on Molesters

A Halacha Shiur given by Rabbi Elchonon Tauber Shlita, on the topic of, "A Child Molester" and how to deal with him according to Jewish law..
(If you are having problems watching the video in full speed, kindly double click on the video, and you will be taken to the YouTube link itself, where the memory and speed are much quicker)
Please be aware that for the first 10-12 minutes of the shiur, the audio quality is very low, but then it gets much better. The audio quality is low but not distorted. You can hear it, but you must make the volume higher than usual.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


  1. Kudos to this Rabbi in Los Angeles! What an incredible speech and an explanation on how to deal with a molesters. This site should be put up all over the Jewish communities. You are opening eyes and doing great work.

  2. nuchem is טויט משוגעAugust 30, 2010 at 11:33 AM

    Haven't had the patients to listen to his speech.

    BUT. You can be sure. If he agrees with Muchem's idea's he's the greatest Tzaddik ever to have roamed the earth.

    But if, chalilha, he doesn't, he is a menuval a chazir and a child molester (at least in potential).

    So, what else is new??

  3. To the last comment

    You had no patience to listen? On such a touchy subject that so bothers you about the molestation of kids? You can’t listen for 45 minutes, so you get clearer in the halacha, and to see if Rabbi Nuchem is right?

    Let me guess! You listened to it twice, and you feel like a loser, and have nothing what to answer, so you had to write the previous comment.

    There is no shame in saying I am sorry, I made a mistake (just like your family member Lebowits should’ve done). You guys are busy with Das Torah, so here we got one for you, and you don’t have “patience” to listen to it?

    Speaks volume about you and your group of 5! I have gotten 500 emails in the first hour this was posted, saying Thank you for exposing the truth, and you didn’t have patience to listen to it?

    Any more questions guys? The picture is clear.

  4. LOLLL 500 emails...
    u speak volumes about yourself...

  5. Not i speak volume about myself, The public does.

    And at last count its been a little bit over 650, so the numbers are growing and people are finding out the truth and the Halacha.

  6. Today in the NYT there is an article about the Belgian Bishop caught on tape urging a victim to be silent. Please post. The guy above (I don't want to say the man or the person) is like that Bishop. I don't even say lhavdil. He and his gang are fighting tooth and nail for silence. If only they devoted so much zeal to fight the molesters.

  7. Admin.
    Can you please create a yousendit link for the entire shiur in audio?

    BTW can you get os some info on Rabbi Tauber, is he a musmech or just self proclaimed rabbi like BML?

    Let us remember that Rav Elyashiv and all other renowned poskim only allow reporting to the authorities with very strict conditions; nevertheless it is worth listening to a different opinion, that is if R' Tauber is an ordained, orthodox, Rabbi.

    But remember folks.
    If something C"V happens, you don't go rabbi shopping, you ask 'your' rabbi, yes the one ask your other questions, there's no need to place a long distance to some Californian Rabbi.

    A relative of:
    Reichman, Green, Weingarten... You finish the list...

  8. Just as in other areas of halachah, one should consult a competent moreh horaah when faced with such a shayla. Just because one is knowledgeable in Yoreh Deah vol. I or one delivers a good pilpul shiur on sugyos in Nashim or Nezikin, it does not necessarily follow that that individual will be qualified to pasken on hilchos mesirah – lehakel or lehachmir.

    You can't just rely on some mumbo jumbo person who claims to be a rabbi.

  9. This video is quite boring! Doesn't look like he knows what he's talking about. But nobody here is interested in what any rabbi has to say, so whats the point of this video?! We already have the rabbi of the whole world - Nuchem!!! Nobody didn't even hear of this tauber guy.
    Oh, and lebowits is also getting boring. It's stupid calling every negative commenter lebowits! Get some other names!

  10. Oh sorry! I didn't mean to post this publicly is there a way i can contact you privately?

  11. You got 650 emails like nuchem has tens of thousands of listeners.

    Gotta give it to you and nuchem. You guys are very good with numbers.

    And very very convincing too.


  12. the *other* blogger claims he gets 1000s of emails, yet no one questions him.


  13. So that makes nuchom right? To put innocent people into trouble? Maybe its allowed to go to police, maybe a molester has a din rodef, but for sure not people who only did the aveirah of talking against nuchem has a din rodef.
    Picking innocent people and making them for molesters that's not what this rabbi is talking about.
    So, is Nuchom right?

  14. Hi All!!
    I know this Rabbi Tauber Shlit"e. for many years. he was the greatest bucher in Vien and in Lakewood 30-40 years ago. A real Talmid Chuchem and Yerah Shumaim!!! he is so great!!!!
    he gives a very clear message. I may agree with him and I am sure our Rabunim will agree with him too!!!
    However, we must understand that not any boy that claims an isolated case of molestation, should go to the police, because if a boy is an OISVORF like Yoely Engel-man. and was thrown out of Yeshiva because of his bad behavior picked on his Menahel and NO other child from 2000 children claimed the same. The Menahel is 100 % clean!!!! your so called Rabbi Nuchem is a wild person and anybody that disagrees with him is automatically a target.. and that has a terrible adverse effect and reaction. so he is for sure not the person to fight it.
    We suggest a real vaad of Rabunim in all communities that are stable (not like wild nuchem) that should deal with the massive problem of molestation.
    The Vaad should be under the local Rabbinical Bet Din.
    Nuchem if you would gather nicely Rabbunim like Rabbi Tauber and work with them on The Toireh Way.. Your success rate will hit big time..

  15. Stop attacking the messenger! You know that Avrohom Reichman is as guilty as sin. He failed a lie detector test miserably and the best excuse that his most ardent defenders can come up with is that he only molested through clothing. Totally pathetic! Oy Vavoy! If they thought he was innocent , they wouldn't have agreed to let him go until Joel turned 23. Those backstabbers went back on their word to Mrs. Engelman that Reichman would not return in exchange for Joel's silence. Moshe Dovid Niederman and all the criminals at UTA need to be locked up for a long time for all the blood that is on their hands.

  16. Oh, steve, the new kid on the block...

    Welcome abroad.

    Nice stories you write, can you please bring some evidence?

    A nice part of the readership of this blog is sick 'n tired from these hot air accusations, come up with some evidence already.

    Some folks seem to think that when you repeat a lie numerous times it just becomes true.

    Works something like abrecedabre... No?

  17. FACT: Reichman failed a polygraph test.

    FACT: There are other victims besides Joel Engelman.

    FACT: Joel Engelman went off the derech as a direct result of being sexually molested by Avrohom Reichman.

    FACT: UTA Satmar removed Reichman until Joel turned 23. If there was "no evidence" he would not have been removed.


  18. Oh, and here are some more facts.

    FACT: Steve is a paedophile.

    FACT: I just bought the Brooklyn bridge, and it is up for sale.

    FACT: Sadam Hussain is currently the president of state of Israel.

    And one more FACT:

    Stating that something is a FACT, does not make it into one.

    Have fun

  19. Keep burying your head in the sand and keep protecting dangerous child molesters. The record speaks for itself.