Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Innocent people! Innocent people!

These Losers and “molester friendly” bums have decided yet another slogan and another twisted way of showing their support for the pedophile community. So let’s see.
He is a liar! He is a Liar! That does not work anymore, the media is on to it and there are people being arrested every day, and the streets are getting cleaner by the day, and everyone sees that Rabbi Nuchem is speeaking the truth.

The rabunim said NO to him! Does not work very well either anymore. There are rabunim who show their support for him and we showed you Halacha that you MUST go to the police. And after the quick one that the rabunim pulled on Weingarten and similar ones, their respect and value went down the drain.

Oh My GOD! What are we going to do! We can’t let nuchem get away with it! Quickly quickly lets think of something…………………Oh I got it: He abuses innocent people! That has been the cry for the last week! We want the molesters arrested, but HIS way is no good, he goes after innocent people!

Baloney! Hogwash! Nonsense! Hot air!

This guys have one thing on their mind and that is to protect molesters! Moreover, they don’t even hide it! Look at their blog and look who they defend! Every single molester and abuser is defended on their filthy blog. So spin it anyway you want, its not going to help you, and the more you talk the bigger of a fool you are making out of yourselves.

Ok guys, please bring it on! However, be forewarned, I will answer on everything you wrote on that other blog! Just bring on who you want and I will respond. You want Ashkenazi? You want Hanstater? You want Reichman? Tell me who you want and bring me the innocent people! Bring me ALL your innocent that Rabbi Nuchem hurt.

Now I know you will come up with something else, but I will be right here waiting for you and respond! Let the whole world see what kind of fools you are, and let every one know that Rabbi Nuchem is here to stay until the community is clean!

IN closing: Since I am dealing with morons who repeat the same dribble all day, and have no respect whatsoever, I am going to MODERATE the comments with the following options: I will allow every single comment to be posted (positive or negative) as long as its written with respect! And not repeated on every single post! You do not like it, that is tough! You abused the system and that is how it will work.

Now bring me on the innocent you fools!


  1. Congrats admin.

    Long over due. We know what these people think and we know who they are protecting. they have their site of their own let them go their and invite NAMBLA and have fun.

    Keep up your good work and lets arrest then one by one by one, untill its safe to send a little kid to the grocery in middle of the day.

  2. You should delete the posts that they already posted on the NAMBLA blog.

  3. abused the system

    So now we're abusers already? :)

    Back to the original topic. I fail to see why you can't differentiate between the good (going after molesters) and the bad (going after innocent people mostly for personal reasons).

    When I say Innocent, I mean people like Halberstam, not Reichman, or Dascalovitz. I could care less about this scum.

    But instead of answering my simple question you chose to moderate the comments under the guise of "respect".

    Oh well. How does Rabeinu Nuchem say? This is AMERICA! HA HA HA

    And talking about repetitive comments. I guess this means Nuchem won't be able to comment either because he's the master of repeaters...

  4. Good point regarding Halberstam. But just for a second lets look away from Halberstam. that just happened last week and i know where Rabbi Nuchem took it from. can you name me something other Than halberstam! i like the way we can have a peaceful dialog!

  5. Alright,

    In closing: Steve/Admin I think we agree more than we disagree.

    I really believe that the molesters should be dealt with harshly and I don't care who gets the job done.

    But Nuchem must stop with the free-for-all bashing for his own sake (so that he gain back some credibility, which is probably at its lowest point since he started).

    I don't know why it's so hard for you to admit that Nuchem made mistakes.

    What's the big deal?

    We all make mistakes and we need to correct them. No?

    So long! - I'm outta here... (You can now remove the moderation…)

  6. http://www.news12.com/articleDetail.jsp?articleId=260126&position=1&news_type=news

    Kudos to Shlomo Weiss for having the balls to come forward. If you live in KJ, or know someone who does, keep your kids away from this perv.

    (except you, Yanky - make sure your kids give this guy a "second chance".

  7. Hansteter, your england IP address comes through loud and clear. get off this site you rapist! yes i said it, and if you want the proof just ask for it, i will gladly disclose it

  8. Hansteter lives in Belgium, last I heard and has lived there for 25 years. Did he recently move to England????