Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rabbi of YOUR choice.

The Rabbunim put him into Cheirem (Isolation), the Rabbunim said he is evil; Rabbi Nuchem is not listening to the Rabunim! He is against the Rabbunim!

I just had to respond to this constant sob these people are crying! Let’s face it, they are only saying this, because they don’t have an answer to the REAL ISSUES at hand. Nevertheless, let me educate you about the original “Kol Koreh” that was signed against Rabbi Nuchem, and how it transpired, I will give you facts, so that you can verify from its original source! And let me show you the reason they did this Kol Koreh!

#1. Just like any other Kol Koreh out there, (like an issur on a Lipa Shcmelzer concert, or support for convicted molester and rapist Weingarten), these Rabbunim have no clue on what they sign, or even what the Kol Koreh says, It’s a typical “Blind follow the Sightless” kind of action!

#2. The Viener ruv, The Pupa ruv and The Tzehlimer ruv Shlit"a, refused to sign that Kol Koreh. because they were THE ONLY ONES with guts to actually phone Rabbi Nuchem and discuss the issue with him, and consequently refused to sign.

#3. I personally spoke to TWO Rabbis who did sign this letter, and they regret and resent it, they are extremely sorry that they ever signed it, they admit taht they were manipulated by Yitzchok Stern.

#4. Today's Rabbis have no idea what’s happening on the streets nor what’s happening in their own communities. These Kol Koreh’s are ALWAYS initiated by individuals with personal agendas, and they take these Rabbis hostages!

#5. Not one halacha was followed when this action was taken! In essence this action is worthless and baseless!

By the way, before I continue to elaborate on the subject, let me ask: how come there was not one Rabbi that supported Baruch Lebowitz? You always ask why Rabbi Nuchem does not have Rabbis on his side, where are your Rabbis? And to those wondering, why I bring up Lebowitz all the time? Very simple! Because all the comments on here (Which is still not moderated) are by the same 3 people in the Lebowitz family! So since they ask the questions, I respond in kind.

Let me elaborate a little bit on how today's Rabbis work, so you will understand why we need Rabbi Nuchem to stand up for us, and that we need a voice, when no one else is willing to stand up for the truth and for the kids.

Let’s not forget the bottom line. At the end of the day there is one issue at hand, and that is to protect the kids from the molesters. You probably wonder how come in the past 25 years we have not had any molesters in the community and no arrests in the schools and suddenly in the last two years, we nebach hear every week of a new culprit.

The answer is very simple: The problem was always there, the molesters didn’t all of a sudden start molesting in 2006, they have been doing it for years and years, but they felt right at home. You see, in the secular world it’s a whole process, you have to stakeout a park where the child plays, kidnap him, and find a hotel room and then you can first molest him. In our community, all you have to do, is go to the mikvah on Friday afternoon and BABOOM! You got everything handed to you on a silver platter! you get the naked boy, you get a place where to commit your deplorable acts, and you get the Rabbunim turning their faces to the other side, better yet, you take a job as a melamed (school teacher), — unlike the secular world, where you need an education and diploma to qualify for this position — and you got even better access to the kid you desire, there are no background-checks on these teachers; you don't need any qualifications you to become a melamed, you just apply for the job and you agree to the pay check and you are a melamed.

So along came Rabbi Nuchem and he started demanding action! He insisted on responsibilities, on being held accountable for your actions and asked for guidelines on who should qualify to be a school teacher, so the principals of the schools and the Rabbis of the communities went haywire, they became histerical, they realized that this guy is going to reveal the truth of what’s happening in OUR schools and in OUR mikvahs and in OUR communities! So instead of realizing that they made a mistake and that there was open house for every rapist and molester, and now they have an opportunity to fix it, they went on the offensive! claiming: Everything here is OK! We don’t need your help! We have no problem!

However, Rabbi Nuchem knew that it is not OK! And that these little kids have no voice talking for them, and he started exposing and announcing to the whole world that this is not acceptable, and the more he exposed them, more people came forward and they started telling horror stories of years and years of abuse!

These principals had a big problem! They were being exposed! They couldn’t afford to let the whole world see this. So the million dollar question was: What are we to do? How do we shut up this Nuchem guy? That’s how that Kol Koreh came all about.

Kol Koreh – Yitzchok stern
Years ago, The Sigheter Ruv (Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum) was involved in a “Get” (divorce procedure), he represented one side, and the other side was represented by Rabbi Landesman of Monsey. Rabbi Landesman was involved in finalizeing the divorce papers and the sigheter Ruv was not too happy about it, and made noise that it is an illegal “Get”. He phoned Rabbi Weiss (Minchas Yitzchak) in Israel and asked him to write a letter against this “get” but Rabbi Weiss refused, saying that Rabbi Landesman is the biggest authority in divorce issues, so he would not get involved in any action against him. So the Sigheter ruv went looking for support and found a Rabbi Stern (Father of Yitzchok) in Israel, and promised him the world if he will sign papers against Rabbi Landesman, included in the promise, was an agreement to bring his son Yitzchok to America and give him a job, so he signed and that was the end.

Yitzchok Stern was consequently named as a principal in the Satmar yeshiva and his additional duty was, being the “Modesty patrol” in the community. To make a long story short. Stern got involved with a group of people who “controlled the problems in the community” (Mishmeres ha'Tznius), and he was not very happy with Rabbi Nuchem's exposing all these problems in the community. He didn’t want to be undermined by someone else, and he didn’t want the world to realize that his organization does nothing, and mostly it was a money issue, people refused to give him the big "fines" that they constantly asked for, because they saw that all it is, is not more than a scam.

So Stern went all out against Rabbi Nuchem and tried to shut him up. (more to come on Stern and his dirty work and his filthy mouth.)

Who signed the Kol Koreh
Let’s backtrack a little bit about the Kol Koreh! Now that you know how this Kol Koreh came about, and how Stern manipulated every Ruv, let’s see who refused to sign it, and whose names were signed without their approval, and who was conned into signing it.
Did you ever wonder, why some serious Rabunnim refused to sign?

Viener Ruv Shlit"a
One Tuesday afternoon, Rabbi Nuchem gets a phone call from the Viener Ruv Shlita, asking him to please come over right away, for he has an important issue to discuss with him, Rabbi nuchem responded: Viener Ruv, I am now in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, I am building a mikvah, and can't come over now. The viener ruv asked him, when will you be back home? and Rabbi Nuchem answered "next week Friday morning", and the VienerRuv said: be by me 11am on Friday.

Friday morning, Rabbi Nuchem shows up at the Viener Ruv's apartment, the Ruv sent out his Gabbai, and tells Rabbi Nuchem, “I have been asked to sign a Kol Koreh against you, and I wanted to talk to you before I do so — would you please close your hotline, so we don’t need to put you in cheirem”, Rabbi Nuchem explained to viener Ruv why he runs this hotline and what he discusses there, and that he will bw more than happy to shut it, if the viener Ruv would replace him with another Ruv that will protect these innocent kinderlach … The conversation went on for 45 minutes, and the outcome was that the Viener Ruv declined to add his name to this Kol Koreh, because he knew that there is no basis to it. — if you really look which of the Rabbunim signed for it, you will see the complete picture of it.

Tzehlimer Ruv and Pupa Ruv Repeatly asked Stern for tapes of Rabbi Nuchem's hotline and they were pushed off with answers, like: tomorrow! next week! You are not allowed to listen to it! Of course they didn’t sign it!

Rabbi Gold from Monsey has openly regretted the signature, and sent many people to Rabbi Nuchem to let him know about it.

Rabbi Flohr acknowledged publicly that his signature was misused!

Rabbi Portugal from Montreal (who is related to Stern) has said on record, that his signature was falsified.
Listen up rabbis, and Listen Real Good!
Rabbi Nuchem is here to stay! Rabbi Nuchem is not going anywhere! Rabbi nuchem has the courage that none of you have, and Rabbi nuchem will continue his holy work until every single block in our community is safe! And Rabbi Nuchem has support from Rabbis who are encouraging him to do an “Aderabah" (see Yoreh Deah Siman 4334 ) on ALL OF YOU!

This is just the beginning of the exposé, you can start to have a glimpse of how this community is run, and what these Rabunim are all about


  1. is this yitschak stern a common enough name related to the shevet halevi.

  2. NUCHEM is MOSHIACHAugust 31, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    So says the prophet KURDUKES:

    To all of you sinners and molesters who are busy harassing the great and holy NUCHEM.:

    Listen, sinners of israel, the day of redemption is coming. In just a little while the holy NUCHEM will reveal himself as the long awaited Messiah.

    woe to you on that faithful day..

    all of you molesters will be hung in the eyes of the sun, for all the nations to see.

    Repent now, for your time is running out!

    Long live NUCHEM!


  4. The auther is obviously not orthodox, or in anyway affiliated with the frum world.

    Folks,take snapshots of this page before they fix these error.

    (I'm not mentioning what the errors aren so they should leave the mistakes for a bit longer, hint: ה'חיים' ו'המות' ביד הלשון)

  5. I am in the community, and if i make a mistake with one expression, that does not make me unorthodox!

    but i am glad that this is your best response to all this evidence i have written!

  6. pretty nice story, nuchem when did you make this one up??

    am i the fourth lebowitz family member?

  7. Okay okay,

    Now that esteemed admin fixed the mistake, I'll let you in to my little secret...

    The author zt"l wrote zt"l once on the viene, pupa and tzehlimer Rabonim shlit"a. And once again on the viener, in this same post.

    My first reaction was: boruch dyan haemes (translation for the admin.: blessed is the true judge, a blessing recited upon receiving bad news C"V.

    Then I immediately visited YWN and VIN and interesting, no one heard about it.

    Then it hit me, we are dealing with an עם הארץ a boor, but that's not all, a boor from a distant society, someone who doesn't the abc of the community.

    So I just came back here and posted my above comment and took a snapshot.

    Fifteen minutes later the errors were fixed, and I must commend the admin for his swift reaction, note that he had to cast a couple of phone calls to verify what we're onto, so that's really quick...
    And now a short reply to the admin's outburst:

    No, one stupid error doesn't make you unorthodox, not at all, it just SHOWS us who you are, and if you don't understand the magnitude of this error, it just proves my point again.

    And BTW, what's the evidence you're talking about, yes, the ones you claim I couldn't answer??

    Well, in this I couldn't, try as I might, fight any evidence.

    No recordings, no docs, just a little ranting and raving, things we've already heard from rosenberg countless times.

    So tell me please I beg you, to what evidence are you referring.

    Wating for an answer, sincerely:
    Ps, time to start moderating, or else you will be sort of a classic laughing stock.

  8. Ok Mr. Lebowitz or Mr. Signs (whichever you like),

    The short answer: The evidence is very clear. These rabunim are right here. Go in to the gabuim of these Rabbis, just like I did and verify these stories.

    The long answer: I went to satmar cheider just like you did, and I know you don’t like the fact that I disagree with you and you don’t like the fact that your uncle is a convicted child molester, but the fact is still fact, that Rabbi Nuchem‘s work is necessary, and with out him, Uncle Lebowits would still be sitting in the front seat molesting 15 year olds and the community would be in danger.

    And yes I know what is happening in the courts with the other parts of this case, and more involved with it than you can ever imagine and if that is what you are waiting for to prove his innocence, you are in for a rude awaking and will have to wait 32 years for that. Because it won’t help you. There are surprises on both sides and keep dreaming.

    Oh and before I forget. I will leave the comments wide open so everyone can comment at free will, because unlike your blog, I have noting to hide. I am proud of the fact that I support Rabbi Nuchem, and I am proud of everything I stand for. I wish I can publicize my name and come out in the open, but due to the corruption in OUR community, I have to protect my family, just like other thousands of people who love Rabbi Nuchem and are thankful to him.

    Your blog has been up for two months, and you have done nothing other then threaten with one lawsuit after another and making a fool out of yourself. You keep questioning everything Rabbi Nuchem says, but you have not one answer to the child molestation problem in the community, and you can’t bring ONE rabbi to support you. And you are worried that I am a laughing stock?

  9. Stop giving that other website so much attention. This is exactly what they're looking for. When you try to reason with them, that gives them validation. They are obviously a desperate group of thugs who have a vested interest in protecting the child molesters in our midst. They realize that their ship is sinking fast with every new arrest and more and more victims coming forward. Their days of intimidation and harrassment of the victims are over. These reshaim who protect these predators who are the lowest scum on earth, will be exposed as well and they will be put away for obstruction of justice as well. They also have a din of rodef as they endanger the entire tzibur with their actions and pronouncements. Of course they do it in the name of "Daas Torah" while we all know that there is no "Daas" and no "Torah" that supports their approach of protecting molesters, intimidating victims into silence and exposing our children to mortal danger. The halacha in the Shulchan Aruch is clear (Choshen Mishpat 388) that when one poses a danger to the community, he is to be turned in to the authorities. The mitzvos of Shamor Veshamarta, Velo Tasim Damim and Lo Taamod Al Dam Reecha, all demand that these predators and their enablers be removed from the community. Slowly but surely it is happening, one case at a time, one criminal at a time....

  10. Nuchem Der Vite-VasherAugust 31, 2010 at 2:41 PM

    You just removed my previous comment!!!!!!!!!

    Wow - and you don't censor?????

  11. Vite-Vasher,

    you are scum! when you remove a comments it says comment remove! you idiot, your credibility just shot up!

    and when i do decide to do so, they will all know why i decided to censor it.

  12. LIAR LIAR - I ran a blog, I know good and well you can delete comments stealthly.

    I'm Scum? I'll post it again and I'll screenshot it and put it on another blog.

    Wait and see.

  13. Count how long till this dissapearsAugust 31, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    Didn’t any of you wonder how come every time Nuchem enters a Mikve, Ezras Nashim, Yeshivah etc he ALWAYS catches people doing משכב זכור??

    Whether it's the Pupah Beis Medrash or the Satmer Mikvah or the Gibbers Yeshiva. He always manages to see people doing the deed.

    Don't you find in incredible?

    I personally think Nuchem has seen too much gay porn in his lifetime and he's suffering from flashbacks.

    In my opinion he needs YEARS of therapy but instead he's trying to VITE-VASH it all with his putrid xxx-line.

    Nuchem, YOU need just as much help as the sick molesters and the pedophiles.

    No, it's not a normal thing to be talking in graphic detail about these things even when you're trying to make a point. You're smart enough to speak with רמזים when you feel like it.

    It's just that you're a sick puppy and YOU NEED HELP!!!! Or as you call it “Terapy for a few years”.

    Yelling Tipesh, Feeeeerd, Chazir and Menivel on every single person who you don't like is not normal behavior, Nuchem.

    Repeating week after week that you don't care about the חרם yet keeping on talking with passion about how you will get back at these Rabomin is pathetic at best.

    Look at yourself in the mirror, Nuchem You're nuts!!!!

    You claim to have been shot when there's no evidence to prove it whatsoever. And when the cops laugh at you (rightfully so) you blaim the Jewish liaisons… Hahahaha

    Saying that there is a "heavy federal investigation" on the story in the לינזער שול (which is probably as true as the story about you being shot in the head) makes you look like a complete fool.

    What federal crime was committed? You really think this is the Satmerer Mikveh where (between משכב זכור'ס) you can wow everybody with the words "heavy FEDERAL investigations"?

    And let's not even start with your toady and lackey who created this Blog and turned you into a GREAT GRAND RABBI(T).

    It’s one thing to criticize some Rabbonim or even the behavior of many Rabonim but when EVERYBODY is gurnisht and only YOU, YOURSELF and the Heiliga peace of sh!t Gross are the Grand Rabbis and the Tzadikkim.

    Gimme a freakin break.

    And of course it’s easy to call me Lebowits or Ashkenazi or whatever other name you have on today’s notes. That’s what we call digging your head in the sand.

    (That being said I wish Lebowitz and all other pedophiles to rot in jail and suffer to their last days – and I wish the same upon you for hurting INNOCENT people. Yes, Innocent people. Not Lebowitz who is a convicted chazir but other innocent individuals who you maligned on your filthy sewer you call a “Shiur”.)

  14. Admin.

    Good, in the end you're heeding my advice you started to moderate, this way you won't have to face the music.

    The way to go!

  15. משתתף בצערן של ישראלAugust 31, 2010 at 2:59 PM

    To thisissosad: "Ferd vus di bist", do you know why he wrote zt"l? I would too. The Viener Ruv I knew is already in Oilom huEmes.

    And the new posting on those molesters' blog, is all bark, and BTW they are the real מחללי שבת, they work 24/7 flying in people and interviewing them - keep barking.

  16. משתתף בצערן של ישראל

    Keep barking about the "other" blog. It just proves how much you don't care about them and how "they" are full of hot air.

    Keep calling them the "moelstors" blog while you know good and well that they aren't for the molesters but AGAINST Nuchesh the menuval.

  17. Dear Admin,

    Please moderate these comments. Do not care what they have to say! You are dealing with the same 3 people and you will not change their minds.

    You are doing an awesome job, and keep doing it! YES they are molesters and they support molesters, and they are hiding the problems in their own community.

    Screw all of you, we will lock you up one by one and we will get a clean community after all! and we will do it WITH or WITHOUT your rabbis!

  18. hey people,

    The rabbi from Los Angeles gave a stunning Shir for 30 minutes, and none of you have something to say?

    you are a joke and a shame to your community!

  19. kinderlech

    You should call this blog FANTASY LAND.

    NOBODY and I say NOBODY regrets signing against nuchem, and NOBODY calls nuchem, NOBODY has any doubts that nuchom is a sheigitz, and takes innocent people and badmouth them, BML is a chazer, molesters are bad, and maybe you are allowed to go to the police, but nuchem is NOT right.....

  20. צרתן של ישראל
    Well nuke the name fits you well, I myself wouldn't be able to find a better nickname for you.

    It's a shame you're not the moderator of this blog pal, you would have been able to erase my comments and done, istead you had to answer "ferd vus di bist".

    Anyhow Nuchem, I immensely enjoy this blog, which is doing a great job in exposing you to the world, even better then the other blog.

    Nuchem, I'd like to see you commenting more often.


  21. Why are we even answering this people, go look at all his photo's and see who nuchom is associating with, not one normal guy, not one normal rabbi, no one wants to talk to him, he is isolated from the frum community, he doesn't have where to davin, and what do you think who is running this site ???
    he doesn't even know them ??? I mean who else can it be besides nuchom (off course) asher lipner, mark apple, mark weiss and the famous gershy tenenbaum.

    Please open a shul for him and get him minyan, maybe there isn't 10 people for minyan, but at least mezuman.

  22. While Nuchesh and his gang are finding rabbis (we assume they are, no one ever heard of him) from the other side of the world to tell us how to live our life and discuss things that we are not arguing about, We are strong at work. We are building a case; we are interviewing more and more victims of this snake, and we are making tremendous progress on our goal.

    As much as he tries to twist the truth, to make it a personal vendetta, and avoid the subject of what we are doing, it wont work! We said from day one what we are doing here and that’s all we are concentrating on! We are here to GET RID of nuchesh and we WILL GET RID of nuchesh!

    We are at work 24-7 flying in victims, interviewing victims and building a case to expose this fake and fraud! And we will indict him civilly and criminally!(since we have permission from rabbi Los angeles). You will not believe what this rushe is capable of doing! You will not believe the lengths he went through to destroy people who didn’t agree with him, and you will not believe the illegal activities this guy was involved in.

    Nuchesh this message is directly to you! Don’t be a משתתף בצערן של ישראל , because you are the one causing it! And this is a personal gaurentee to you my dear snake! We have you figured out, we know what you are all about, and we PROMISE to take you down, and we assure you that we will succeed! It is very difficult to hold back and not disclose what we have on you, and how far ahead we have made progress, but we have to follow protocol with the legal way.

    The Kiddsuh hashem will be big when your day will come! And the truth will prevail and the whole world will see what you are all about and that you have nothing but your personal agenda (yes we said it) and your personal gain out of all of this

  23. This is an emergency broadcast:
    Just in!!
    The black guy did the robbery yesterday in Apple bank in Boro Park, because he was molested as kid...

  24. These same idiots are posting the same shtuyos on their NAMBLA endorsed blog as well. Chamorim, at least try to come up with something original instead of copying and pasting your idiotic comments on two blogs.

  25. yes make fun of the molester issue in our community! you are doing a great job!

  26. hey im also lebowitz family!!!! because i aluso think that your a goilim. or maybe i am mr sign. this is hilarious!!!!

  27. Yes, we are all Lebovits family, I ones believed the story that BM molested this victim, but I am more and more convinced that Lebovits is a victim of nuchem, and he most probably never molested this boy, if that story would have bin true, than Nuchem wouldn't have bin talking about it again and again, looks like nuchem has an agenda.

    BTW sorry but this blog never proofed yet Nuchem's rightness.

  28. Mahmoud AhmadinejadAugust 31, 2010 at 6:28 PM

    Lebovits is innocent, as is Mondrowitz, Kolko and Weingarten. We don't have such phenomena in our community. Come to think of it, Hitler was also innocent. Where's your proof? Victims? Poof. All made up by Nuchem. One big conspiracy.

  29. Nuchem is a liar and a slandererAugust 31, 2010 at 6:36 PM

    Rabbi Portugal from Montreal (who is related to Stern) has said on record, that his signature was falsified.

    How are you bringing this as proof of anything if Nuchem still curses him (and the others who regret) every week??