Friday, August 27, 2010

Something we all can agree on!

I would like to invite you and introduce you to a great new organization that are out to help victims and are out to prevent future molestation in our schools.
I would really like for everyone to team up and show the world that no matter what your position is on Rabbi Nuchem, we still can put our differences aside and come together for this important cause.

Can I count on all of you to show support for this cause? I truly hope there will not be ONE negative comment on this one. Let’s put away our political views on Rabbi Nuchem and let’s unite together for this very important issue.

The organization is called “JPSY” (Jewish Parents for Safe Yeshivos ) And this is what they are all about.

JPSY” (Jewish Parents for Safe Yeshivos )
We are survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the Orthodox community. Along with our advocates, we seek to obtain justice and stop these destructive acts from continuing.

Our goal is to educate survivors and their families in order to empower them to report cases of abuse directly to the police and to offer support when they decide to seek justice through the criminal and civil courts.

The sexual abuse of children is at alarming proportions within our community, the magnitude of which has begun to be brought to light.

This abuse has been covered up for decades, serving to insulate the perpetrators and protect the institutions that harbor them. Compounding this problem is a cultural taboo against "informing" to the secular authorities coupled with intimidation and shunning of victims. This behavior serves to keep victims and their families silent.

We seek to raise awareness of the incidence and prevalence of child sexual abuse in our communities and to educate the community about legislation that would enable victims to come forward to seek justice and provide legal protections to our children.

We believe our efforts will offer redress to survivors and their families, hold the perpetrators accountable for their crimes and remove them from our community, and send a clear message to the institutions harboring them that they will be held responsible.

Please join this cause and sign up to be a supporter at and let’s show the world that FRUM people ARE here to protect the kids, they ARE here to protect our streets and they ARE here to make a difference.

If the Rabbis are not willing to do it for us, let’s grab the bull by its horns and lets have a voice and do the right thing.


  1. its time to let our schools know that cover-ups and self-policing are no long acceptable!

    Thanks for helping to spread the word!

  2. איך וואלט עס ספארטעט, אבער נאר מיט א תורה אטאריטעיט וואס זאל שטיין איבער דעם און פסק'ענען אויף יעדע פאל

  3. That was a great joke you just said. but sorry i cant laugh at it, because its very sad! They are trying to do something WITHOUT The Rabunim, so we have a chane of actually accomplishing something.

    Check out the new page we just added, called WALL OF SHAME and then get back to me (Click on the top tab)

  4. Nuchesight, you are right, I have no doubts in my mind that you want to do something together with rabunim.

    BTW if the word RABBI is a insult, why do you call yourself Rabbi Rosenberg?

  5. Here we go:
    Witchy polin, yeah from that well known satanic jewish cult...