Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is Not A “Chillul Hashem”

Unreal! Unreal! Rabbi Nuchem asked us a year ago, that yeshivas should teach us something skilful that we can specialize in so when we get married, we have a skill, like Accounting, bookkeeping, Engineering, etc. so these dummies don’t endanger our streets

What an uneducated moron! This is what R' Nuchem is talking about! You have hundreds and Hundreds of people that are uneducated, and have no goal in life and they are behaving like wild animals. Approaching a 19 year old girl and asking for FUN (sex) “you make me hot!” OMG!

Where do you get the nerve to stop in middle of a street and request sex from a stranger! This didn't happen in Harlem and it didn’t happen in Bedsty, it happened in THE CENTER OF BORO PARK in BROAD DAYLIGHT!

I would put up one million dollars against your one dollar that the individual in this video was somehow molested. But let’s not do anything, lets not wait until he bumps into your 16 year old daughter waiting in your car and can’t control himself and rapes her. When that happens, lets go to the Rabbi, and if it happens five more times then we will go to the USA courts!

Keep asking For Rabbi Nuchem to leave. Your rabbis will protect you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA


  1. this rabbi is Nuchom


  2. I don't know but this looks like a setup... why is the guy hiding his face??

  3. On. You just showed me what a joke you are . Goodbye to this blog.

  4. ווער עס גלויבט דאס איז א שוטה

    עס איז א צוזאמענגעשטעלטע קליפ... מען זעט עס עין בעין... י

  5. Awesome, I accomplished everything I wanted so far! This site is for the Rabbis supporters, not for you haters. And of course it is a set up! Just like all Nuchems stories THEY ARE ALLLLL SET UPS! Because we in our community, never do anything wrong, there are no molesters in our community, there is no filth in our community its all accusations by Nuchem, and we are perfect!

    Listen to yourself you dummy! This is only the first video I have put up, wait for the next one, what will you say then! Explain to me how we set him up, we gave him a line what to say? We told him to “ask for fun”. The best movie producer cannot make this up!

    You will all one by one realize that Rabbi Nuchem is correct and his way is the ONLY WAY! Additionally, HE WILL succeed. And at the same time you will understand, that YOUR RABBIS have no guts, and are corrupt for the almighty Benjamin!

    Thank GOD for Rabbi Nuchem!

  6. No, I'm the second poster who thinks this is a setup. I believe in Nuchem but I think this clip is definitely a set up or just baloney. Why is Yoeli hiding his face? And the girl does a bad acting job as if she is stunned...

  7. Anonymous said...
    ווער עס גלויבט דאס איז א שוטה
    עס איז א צוזאמענגעשטעלטע קליפ... מען זעט עס עין בעין... י
    WE SAY: You people crack me up! This clip is fabricated, but your blog is real! Please I can’t stop laughing.
    I am so glad I left the comments open for everyone, so we don’t miss one single silly comment from you people. These are the same guys that have not posted ONE comment I sent in to them, and they say this clip is fake!
    It won't help you guys! the truth will prevail, and you will be the laughing stock at the end. AND Rabbi Nuchem will be a hero TO ALL OF YOU. We have already seen it, but soon you will realize that his way is the only way to deal with all your garbage.

    Count your blessings that you have him in your backyard to keep your loved ones safe!

  8. YOU ARE FOOLING NO ONE! i am not going to go back and forth with you! but you are not fooling anyone. We are 25 steps ahead of you, and that other blog will be down before you know it. I am working hard to take it down and we will get it off very soon!

  9. I'm the same poster as 3:04 & 4:02. Like I said I support Nuchem & hope that other blog blows up. They did'nt post my comment questioning them on their tactics. So, I'm in aggrement with you on that. But I still think this clip is fabricated. Just my opinion.

  10. You are wrong. its not fabricated, i know for a fact its not!

  11. רבותי... זייט רעאליסטיש

    גייט מיט דעם ווידיא צו עני מענטש וואס טוט אין די ארבעט פון צוזאמענשטעלן ווידיא'ס, און אפילו צו יעדע גראפיקער, וועט מען אייך זאגן אז דאס איז צוזאמענגשעטעלט. י

    איך פארשטיי אז איר ווילט ארויסברענגען די נקודה, אבער טוט עס ביטע מיט אמת'ע זאכן - זוכט אייך נישט קיין פאלשע מעשיות.... י

  12. Great job guys, keep it up, r' nuchem is the hero of our time,he is taking the abuse for all of us,we appriciate it & we can't thank him enough, he will win because the truth always wins,he deserves our support,r' nuchem "NEVER GIVE UP"

  13. All you who just commented on this post negatively have just shown your true colors shining bright! You made the biggest point for the whole world to see, that no matter what evidence you will get, you will still find a way to dismiss it. The admin just brought you a perfectly video and you professionals decided it’s fake. You guys are a joke.

    I know the girl, and i just spoke to her. It is completely legit. Honestly you don’t even need her approval, because Ray Charles can see it’s legit, but amazingly you noticed in 10 seconds that it is fake and a “stupid joke”.

    Therefore, if anyone had reservations if Rabbi Rosenberg is right or not, you just got the answer. These are people you can’t deal with, and they won’t take any criticism on their community no matter what.

    Rabbi Rosenberg took heat for Baruch Lebowitz every single day, and they laughed at him on how he is wasting his time, and then when the Jury unanimously dumped this molester in prison for 32 years, it was ALL Rabbi Nuchems fault.

    Guys keep sending in your comments! You are my best correspondence out there, and Rabbi Nuchem appreciates your support, and I appreciate your support. Even though you don’t realize that you are supporting him, he appreciates it nevertheless.

    To the followers of Rabbi Nuchem and to the followers of this blog let me say. We have made our point in 2 days and they are on week 6 and done nothing so far. Wonder why? Because they got nothing!

    By the way if you think this video was fake, wait to see the other fake ones I got! You will love it

    P.S. Do you notice that EVERYONE is welcomed to comment here? just checking!

  14. ווייסטע וואס... ביזט גערעכט... י

    גיי ווייטער אן... י

  15. this is clearly a voice overlay - just watch him walk away while the audio does not fade- I am an audio engineer (with a masters degree from CUNY).

    The bigger question to the foolish author of this blog is- how does a john (assuming he is) in any way reflect on pedophilia in the community? No doubt there are many Johns in the orthodox community - so what?!

    and if you saw me looking at porn -would that also mean that me and my block+neighborhood+community were pedophiles?

  16. To the previous Anonymous comment ,

    HaHahahahaha - I would give you some free advice

    Number 1. Request a refund from CUNY (or rather from UTA – where you have an executive bachelorette, not just a masters) because you obvisly learned nothing

    Number 2. Not only do you have a masters in Audio engineering but also it seems you know pedophilia and abuse symptoms very well (is that also from CUNY or that one was from Duke?)

    Number 3. Once again, you are fooling NO ONE! It won’t help you, and it won’t help your cause. In addition, your molester relative will stay in prison as he was sentenced, and your family will have to live with the fact that he is there. It must be very hard on you, but sorry my dear, you do the crime – you do the time.

    Now go ahead and write 5 more comments how you live in Nebraska and you have no idea what I am talking about. I am your Williamsburg neighbor, I know the games you play and how you play it, and it does not work!

    P.S. You can still comment here freely with no restrictions.

  17. You know I really would like to believe you, but the same question is, why is this guy covering his mouth??? It's very possible the audio is dubbed since one can never see the guy's mouth moving. I really believe in Nuchem and I hope he succeeds. But this video proves what exactly?? That there are menuvolim among the chassidim? Since when is this news?? You know how many times I've heard the expression "shiksas are for practice" by so called frimme chevra. There are lowlifes in every group including busor v'dom chassidim. But the question still remains, what is the point of this video??

  18. Former Nuchem SupporterAugust 25, 2010 at 10:25 PM

    And let say this is not a fake. Does this mean Nuchem has the right to curse every Rabbi and every Gadol? (Unless they once wrote a letter on his behalf)

    What's this got to do with the price of rice in China?

    I serioulsy believe in having the cops deal with pedophiles as the Rabbonim are obviously not doing a good job but neither is Nuchem!!!!

    I don't believe him. I don't trust him. I think he's gone way overboard with his crackpot psycho hotline which is full of self-promotion and further proof that Nuchem is as reliable as some the great "Askanim" we have.

    Call him Grand Rabbi of the whole entire planet for all I care. He’s still a lowlife and the wrong person for the job.

  19. i think youre great allowing all posters here. The other site which didnt allow my posts although I am no nochum fan, but just asked what theyre up to has lately been quiet. Your English as well is up to standard, theirs is deplorable. But i dont think you should dismiss all those who call it a fake that they are from there. I do not watch these things so wont give you an opinion


  20. To Yanky
    You asked if I would suggest going to a rabbi.
    Here is my reply
    One has to know in advance what would the rabbi do if found guilty

    If he is old fashioned and still believes in the gemoro and will starve him out then don’t just go but run to him
    If he believes in the gemoro but for halachic or practical reasons cannot administer the correct punishment then also go to him at least one can hope he will allow him to be put in prison.
    If he is like you yanky who still believes in the chumash but not in the gemoro that he should be starved out., an apikoros non he less I would find it difficult to say to go to him. He may call himself daas torah like you do but that doesn’t make it so.
    If he is reform or conservative who don’t believe in killing him its too gruesome and we have grown out of that. Then as long as he believes in prison go to him,

    To finish go to any rov of whatever creed except yours who doesn’t believe in prison and of course the Torah and only in therapy which has no place there as evidenced by the killing of a wayward son instead of giving him therapy.

  21. Cool!! how much did it cost you to create this clip? You should of added nuchem coming out from somewhere and taking CARE of this yingerman. That would have been better for this site. now you only wasted money. Because the clip does not help nuchem.
    You say the reason is ... he was molested. i say it is because of nuchems hotline!! nuchem is putting these things into peoples head!!
    Also next time make a bettet script. how does the girl know he has a wife? she is supposed to be a stranger remember.
    One more thing for next time to make it sound more real. you have to make up a story how you got this clip. It can't just fall out of the sky into your hands!! you know like nuchem got it from the FBI or DA.. whatever, you know...
    Keep it up you are quite entertaining. but try not make it SO laughable!

    its about time for everyone to see it.

  23. what does this clip have to do with nuchem rightfulnous?? i see one point here to paint a dirtier picture on the jews than nuchem. you are his talmidim. and are creating a chillel hashem just like him.

  24. You little fool thats my point why nuchem is wrong!!!! and you just showed it to me.. what does this clip have to do with molesters??? are you guys together with nuchem the sherifs of town to make sure no one does anything bad, you guys claim you are after molesters and i cant see what this clip has anything to do with molesters.. so the real truth is that you are all a nunch of guys who hate anyone thats religious you want everyone to be like you. keep up the great work so everyone can see what you guys are really all about

  25. This clip is being misinterpreted. This a simply an ehrlich yungerman who likes to pick his nose, like many who I encounter - they do it constantly. So he wanted to have some fun by having her insert something into the cavity - big deal. We got to be dan l'kav schuss. On the other hand, I do agree that there is far too much nose picking among us chareidim - there should be pashkvallim against this disgusting practice.

  26. Great Job !

    and all those who support molestation should go to hell !!!!

    ( and if the sooooo huge big "ra-bonim " )