Tuesday, August 24, 2010


A new group of molesters have opened a blog against the world known hero and Rabbi who has put his life in danger for the sake of our kids and our community.

We will defend the honor of this Rabbi, of this holy man who has the courage to sacrifice his life for the sake of the Jewish youth. We will not be terrorized by two people who write a blog and think they will stop the holy work of the Rabbi. No one is buying their crap anyways, and the facts are known to everyone.

Fact #1. Until Rabbi Rosenberg spoke out about molesters and abusers, there was a free-for-all in the community. People were abused in the open, molesters were not even ashamed of it, and they knew no one is out to get them.

Fact #2. Kids were in danger and had no voice! Since the Rabbi started his campaign, kids are coming forward in record numbers.

Fact #3. The government numbers are backing up the holy work of the Rabbi. You can say all the lies you guys want on your silly blog, the facts still are, that people are arrested every day, the schools are safer since then and most of all BARUCH M. LEBOWITZ is a CONVICTED molester and got 32 years in jail. He is not AN ALLEGED molester, he is a CONVICTED molester.

Now you challenged people to discuss any story? OK we are ready to discuss Lebowitz, Kolko, Mandrowitz, Daskalowitz or any other case you feel like. Just tell us where and when.


  1. Great their blog is SOOO BORING !! same old stuff nothing new its getting so bored

  2. thanks to the dear rabbi rosenberg who changed the world to better !!!! keep on the good job !! the blog should be named get rid of the pedofiles and their sopporters ! it is written "we have a voice too" , this is wrong !
    it is just - this is our nice and clean thru voice - as you compare it to their ugly pedofile voice . thanks again

  3. keep on the good job rabbi rosenberg

  4. I will pose the same question as I posed to the group of illiterate morons who runs the *other* blog. R Nuchem gives a clear answer to the following question as to what to do if you perv harms your child. Go to the police.

    So the question is, as this blog's admin, what do you suggest a parent do if they discover that, ch"v, their child has been harmed by a perv?

    (FYI, the idiots at the *other* blog refused, for quite a few days, to answer the question. They finally then said to "talk to my rav" and that "reporting is prohibited without beis din permission")

  5. Shira,

    This is the easiest question I was ever asked! This is a no-brainer. You go to the police immediately! A molester does not belong on the street, and you don’t take chances when it comes to your child’s life!

    And the facts prove that a molester DOES NOT STOP molesting until he is caught. So you put him away at the first chance you have!

  6. You may be right and Rabbi Rosenberg may be doing the right thing...there is only the following problem for one since when has he been ordained as a Rabbi and by whom. Secondly, before crusading on this project make sure your house as well as yourself are perfect, in the latter case I know rabbi Rosenbergs family..and what I would tell the public about what his own children think of him when it comes to the subject of abuse you would not rush to be big supporters of this man. He has plenty of personal issues that he can't resolve, and to become an advocate for us is the biggest joke as the the chazal kishot atzmichu vachar kach kishot acharim, and i will Kol Haposil bamimo Posil. If I would make one item public Rabbi Rosenberg will never preach again and insult gedolim by there names. Yet, i will not bring him to his knees, but I beg to differ when it comes for him to be lone ranger on this subject with out working with gedolim... Talking on gedolim has its bondries and I stand against his continuous insults.

  7. What is the website of the idiots who want to vilify and cast aspersions against the rabbi?

  8. "gedolim" wouldn't consistently hide child molesters.

  9. thanks to rabbi rosenberg who changed the world keep on the good job !!