Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No No NO! No problem here!

KIRYAS JOEL - Shlomo Weiss grew up in Kiryas Joel, a rural Orthodox-Jewish town, and says that he was sexually abused starting at the age of 7, adding that the abuse was regularly covered up by others in the close-knit community.

Now 36 years old and living in Brooklyn, Weiss says that in a horrifying twist, his abuser was the one man who should've been protecting him -- his father.

It would be nine long years before Weiss would seek help, revealing his secret to his school teachers and to the head rabbi at the Nitra Yeshiva in Mount Kisco, where he was studying.

Instead of calling police, however, Weiss says he was sent to study in Europe and then pressured into an arranged marriage at the age of 19. Meanwhile, Weiss' father remained free, working as a school bus driver.

Weiss recently visited the Westchester campus of his yeshiva to demand answers. His former teacher admitted to remembering his story, but said their community is resistant to outside involvement when handling sex abuse cases.

"For them, it's easier not to acknowledge a problem exists," Weiss says.
Advocates say Weiss' story is much more common than people might think.

"I don't think there's any community on Earth that has this percentage of people victimized," says Ben Hirsch, of Survivors for Justice.

Hirsch's Manhattan-based group is dedicated to helping ultra-Orthodox Jewish victims of sexual abuse. Hirsch believes there are thousands of them, yet their cases seldom end up in court because a rabbi's permission is needed to call police.

Over the past 30 years, there has been only one Hassidic man from Kiryas Joel who was convicted of a sex crime. Most pedophiles, however, are simply expelled out of the community, Hirsch says.

However, Ari Felberman, the public relations director for Kiryas Joel, denies all allegations of covering up sexual abuse cases.

Following his interview with News 12, Weiss confronted his father about the alleged abuse, to which Joseph Weiss responded with silence and stormed away. Still, Shlomo Weiss says the experience has left him a changed man. He hopes it will encourage other victims to speak up.


  1. Nuchem is a liar and a slandererAugust 31, 2010 at 6:17 PM

    Nuchem ימח שמו tried to turn the Halbershtam shooting into a drug case, as if Haberstam was involved with drugs or something shady. He even went as far as saying that ספאסט פאר א רבישע אייניקעל צו פירען דראגס.

    We all know already that this is not the case. Had there been any truth to what Nuchem claims the media would pick up on it in a second.

    But Nuchem the Nuchesh decided that it's drugs so drugs it is. Go argue with a nutjob like Nuchem.

    This is just a small example of how he takes every story and tries to spin it with his crooked mind so that is fits his agenda.

    Do you think the Halberstam's will ever get an apology from Nuchesh?

    Not in this גילגול

    I'm still waiting to see how Nuchesh will spin the bank robbery in Boro Park yesterday to a molestation/drugs scandal.

    Can't wait.

  2. Nuchem is a liar and a slandererAugust 31, 2010 at 6:25 PM

    And for God's sake. Who ever said molestation doesn't exist in our community???

    We all know that it's an epidemic and must be dealt with. But the solutions is not Nuchem the liar!

    Nuchem lost all his credibitily when he started slandering innocent people.

    IT'S OVER!

    Nuchem is damaged goods. He's as worthless as most of the Askanim who should be dealing with the problems.

    You can call him Rabbi, Savior, Moshiach, Moishe Rabeinu or a big huge great Tzadik. Whatever. In my book he's a filty liar and a lowlife who has done more bad than good.


  3. You and your ilk are "worthless". If it wasn't for the man you describe as "damaged goods", Lebovits, Greenfeld and Dascalowitz would be free to molest at will. How many nefashos were saved because these predators are finally being brought to justice? Instead of attacking Nuchem, why don't you go out and give support to the victims and help them report their molesters to the police? Why don't you do something to protect our children rather than attack one of the few who is actually doing something. Which "innocent" person did he slander? Name one!

  4. Nuchem is a liar and a slandererAugust 31, 2010 at 6:45 PM

    Wow, you didn't call me Lebowits. )SHOCKER #1 !!!(

    Lebowits is not Nuchem's credit. He said it himself on the hotline. Unless he's lying?? (Shocker #2!!!!)

    Greenfeld and Dascalowits are still around and can continue to molest as they please. And guess why? Because Nuchem lost his credibility when every second living person in Boro Park, Williamsburg, Kirys Yoel and New Square were accused of being molesters by the liar in chief.

    Had Nuchem continued to hound the pedophiles only instead of calling every person he dislikes a chazer menuval and noaf, maybe he would still be taken seriously. Just maybe.But he let his ego get in the way. That's when he turned from a hero to a villain.


  5. Nuchem is a liar and a slandererAugust 31, 2010 at 6:50 PM

    Which "innocent" person did he slander? Name one!
    Let's start with Halberstam. Nuchem insists to this very day that he was dealing in drugs.

    Meantime, it turns out that Nuchem was just talking from the side of his neck. No drugs, no nothing. But Nuchem said so!!!!!

    If this isn't slander, what is?

    Trust me, it will take less time to list the names of known people nuchem didn't call molestors at one point in time than it would take to name the innocent people he slandered, cursed, belittled and lied about.

  6. You still haven't name one person that he "slandered". Greenfeld and Dascalowitz will very soon be locked up for a long, long time. Thank you Nuchem. And thank you to the heroic victims that have come forward despite the continuous harrassment and intimidation. Yirbu K'Moischem B'Yisrael! Those that attempt to harrass the victims should be forewarned: you will be arrested for obstruction of justice. Just ask Shaul Luban of Lakewood.

  7. Nuchem is a liar etc...August 31, 2010 at 6:58 PM


    Are you blind or just playing dumb?

    And how about praising Hitler for killing molesers between the millions of innocent people he killed?

    Nuchem is not Hitler Chas Ve'sholem. But he ain't no big Tzaddik either, even if you call him Reb Nuchem a thousand times.

  8. You're the ones who are not only playing dumb (maybe you're not playing), but are running scared. Starting that silly blog and your relentless attacks against him show the signs of people desperately trying to cover up their shame. You can attack Nuchem with your blogs and your cherems and your lies. It won't make a difference. The cat's out of the bag. It's over! More and more brave victims will come forward and testify against thier abusers until we are completely rid of them. Now THAT'S the Torah way. Lo Tachmol V'lo Techaseh- NO MERCY AND NO COVERUPS FOR CRIMINALS.

  9. If you'd like to see the video, we've embedded it in our front page.

    See http://www.sfjny.org/.

  10. So here goes yet another shegetz and instead of taking responsibility for his deeds, he blames...


    Well, much easier then. Taking responsibility, isn't it?

    And you naively think that the nuchemites investigated the matter, not at all!

    They're just quoting what this shegetz 'himself'.

    And I dare asking, what's the proof here?
    The bloger will start slandering as ever:

    Molester, chazir, ferd and the list goes on.

    But not an ounce of evidence.

    Just that this shegetz 'HIMSELF' said so.

    Oh, gimme a break.

    So Listen up shkutzim:

    Stop blaming and start living. I know blaming is the easy way out, but in the end its your life that's a wreck.

  11. This last guy, I guaranty you, is a molester. I watched the clip. It is horrible. If he can talk like that then there is no point talking to him. He is like crying out loud with all his might, I have molested and I want to molest more. I would allege him that he is capable also of murder. The one good that comes out from him, he shows who reb Nuchem, and us all, have to contend with. Raboissai, it is war. A war with this guy and his ilk.

  12. What a brave young man! good for you on having the guts to speak out!

  13. To set the record straight. The Weiss father has one more name besides Yosef. I am almost sure his name is Yakov Yosef. I happen to know him. He is a heavy smoker. When I see him he smokes. In the video he holds a cigarette. He is known as a very big thug and violent man. He belongs to the Bnei Yoel. Was thrown out from Satmar since the beginning of Bnei Yoel. You understand, the Beirach Moshe was not good for him. He is a bus driver for the Bnei Yoel. I believe his son 100 percent. He is capable of this. I knew he is no good, but not this much.

  14. If the story is true, then why is he posting a photo of his own son (he has no custody)in this story. doesn't smell right to me. If it is as he claims and he was hurt/molested by his dad then why is he hurting his own child by putting up a photo of him.
    to the poster above, you obviously don't know him ha ha smoking doesn't make a man violent you know..

  15. Anon above-

    It was a pic of him when he was a kid, not of his son. Duh.

  16. i happen to know that photo is of his own kid in Israel. don't 'duh' before you know facts.

    and just because channel 12 reports the story doesn't make it true!

    why did he go to channel 12?

    because the court throw out his fabrication years ago when he tried to take revenge for losing custody...

  17. I don't think Shlomo has children, I don't think he is still married, and never in his life will he be able to maintain a family. Just see the horror and the pain in his face. It is searing at the heart. The commentators here who are defaming him have no heart. Why do we hear teenagers in our community (and many a time we hide it from coming out in the open)? A teenager does not commit suicide for nothing. Because their pain is unbearable, they can not endure it anymore and they take their live. He is in so much pain and thisissosad calls him a sheygetz.

  18. he was married and has 2 kids who don't wanna see him. why i wonder?

  19. Perfect. Blame the victim again. Unreal how these people just don’t get it!

    I wonder how come the father keeps saying on the video. “I vant to taulk in private” why does he not just say “No way! I never did it, what are you talking about” speaks volume!

  20. You wonder why? Don't you see how haunted he is. Can he have a relationship with a wife or with his own children?

  21. Wow Ezra! that's what makes a guy guilty? his accent or his not defending himself to the media?
    that's really sharp!

  22. Absolutely! If he never did it, he would’ve been in shock! And would not even know what he wants from him. This guy knew exactly what his son is talking about, and didn’t even flinch when he heard his son speak up.

  23. his father offered him his hand. which is not something he would do if he was expecting his son to accuse him.