Tuesday, August 24, 2010

98% is with you, Rabbi! (the 2% are in jail or on the way there)

So they want proof! Ok, you mention where and what you want proof, and we will supply it. You see guys; the rabbi will not give you the time of the day, because he has more important things to do with his time, like making sure all molesters are accounted for, and put in to jail, as you see in this video, what he did with your hero Lebowits.

Rabbi Rosenberg does not get paid for this! Rabbi Rosenberg does not get compensated for this! Rabbi Rosenberg was kicked out of every synagogue for this! Rabbi Rosenberg gets abused in his own community from perverts and abusers all the time. The obvious question is what normal guy what continue fighting for the cause, when all they get paid back in return, is abuse? And the answer is “ Only a committed man like Rabbi Rosenberg who could not care less what everyone else says, or the abuse he gets from you idiots, only a man who really means it for the reason he claims he is doing it, only such a man would do such holy work"

Instead of saying Thank you Rabbi for giving us a voice and Thank you rabbi for doing a job that all of us should be doing and Thank you rabbi for proecting our children from molesters and Sorry Rabbi that you are being isolated from the community and Sorry rabbi that we don’t have the guts and courage that you have and Sorry rabbi you had to sacrifice everything in your life. You guys opened a blog to smear him? You guys opened a blog to embarrass him? You guys opened a blog full of lies with no proof at all? You guys opened a blog where the admin must approve the comments you write? You guys are afraid to hear the REAL OPINION of the people?



  1. Job Well done. we are with you not 98% but 1 million %

    Thanks Rabbi rosenberg for all your hard work

  2. You write........
    The obvious question is what normal guy what continue fighting for the cause, when all they get paid back in return, is abuse?

    Well, I guess the answer is, that your so called Rabbi is not normal, he's actually the opposite of normal, and deserves to be kicked out of klal yisroel.


  3. Hey Anonymous,

    You probably are not bright enough to understand what i am about t o say, bet here it goes anyways.

    Thank you for making my point! and Klal yisroel thanks you for confirming why we need Rabbi rosenebrg to fight for us.

    You should be thankful that rabbi rosenberg is here for your kids, because with your brains they only have one guy sticking up for them and his name is RABBI NUCHEM ROSENBERG

  4. יחי אדונינו מורינו ורבינו מלך המשיח לעולם ועד

  5. this was posted on VIN

    Nov 18, 2008 at 10:57 AM
    what an attention seeker Says:
    This man had a hotline on sexual abuse?? gimme a break! he ran an attention seeking hotline where he was busy day and night to bring down all yeshivos, then he went to rabonim, then to the big rabbis and so on.. after a long time he started talking sexually, some of it contained abuse issues, but the nature and foundation of his hotline had nothing to do with abuse, and very little did he talk about abuse, its all a matter of a crazy guy seeking attention in the most weird ways.

    we need nuchem

  6. נחום
    איפה ה"קושמא" שלך
    א דודביץ - זופניק

  7. Anon #1

    um..by your own logic, no "normal" person would be an observant Jew.

    What "normal" person would circumcise their child under pang of death? (Read history - this has happened several times throughout Jewish history)

    What "normal" person would learn Torah thereby risking their own life? (Also occurred several times throughout Jewish history)

    What "sane" person would refuse to bow to avodah zara, even if it means his life? (I think you've got some reading to do.)

    Has the yeshiva education system really failed you that horribly? Or were you just born that dumb?

  8. Shira, you are on a roll, Give’em hell!

    By the way, isn’t it refreshing that you can just sound off without an approval of an uneducated bobble head somewhere in his basement?

  9. why did you remove the youtube from Rubinstein???

  10. 98% oh, get your calculator out...

    I like the idea of the way you're digging your own grave.

    Keep up the hallucinating, we love it.

    The lebovits family