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Problem in OUR community? NO WAY!

I have gotten some letters (Emails) from people in the community thanking me for this blog, thanking me for exposing the problem we have, and for showing the world how important Rabbi Nuchem’s work is.

Some of this letters were also written with tears, pain, frustration and anger. It was written by victims, by people who are 15-20 years past the attacks and they are still tormented with tremendous pain and suffering.

On the advice of some professionals I have decided to publicize some of these letters (Of course I’ve changed the names to protect the victims, and I’ve spell checked the email) and I want you to see what suffering means. And if you think that this is a fiction novel, think again because it’s all real!

Letter 1

I am 23 years old. Ever since I was 8 up until I was 12 - 13 my father molested me. It wasn't a constant everyday thing, but he would do out of the normal things like tell me to sit on the hot tub and ask me if it felt good or touch my chest and bottom. He would also always want me to go swimming with him alone and I was never aloud to lock my bedroom door.

On several occasions he would smile and say that he thought I wanted to touch his penis or that he thought I was looking at it. I never was but it would shock and embarrass me when he would say those things and at the time being so young, I was afraid that if I told my mom the things he would say, that she would think that I was interested in touching him and be mad at me.

All of the chest touching and bottom pinching and smacking he did in front of my mother so I never really thought it was wrong. Then the last time it happened was when I was 12. My mother was pregnant and she had to be on rest bed.

One night she had been laying down and I had stayed up with him to play a board game with him like we sometimes did. All of a sudden he started rubbing on my stomach and moving up my shirt. He was touching me on my nipples and I was shocked and afraid to even move, but when he tried to go down my under pants, I jumped up and said that I had forgotten to call my friend about something for Yeshiva. I was so scared and I didn't want to tell my mom right away and stress her out. So I waited for awhile until after she had the baby. When I”Finally” told her, she called me a liar at first and said that I imagined it. She also said that I was too flat chested and he wouldn't have ever done that. She also went as far as saying that if I was telling the truth then she would run away and he would go to jail because of me. She also told me that it would mean we would lose our house among other things. I was scared and I didn't want all of those things to be my fault. She even called my grandmother ( My fathers mother) over and forced me to tell her everything. Then they all ganged up on me and told me how awful it was that I was lying. My mother has told me she asked him over and over but he denies it.

I know what happened. But my mother insists on telling me I'm crazy and that whenever I tell one of my other family members what happened, that I'm bad mouthing her and I'm just trying to rip her marriage apart. The last time she thought I told somebody, she immediately started saying I was lying and when they asked her what she was talking about she disclosed the whole story. When I told her that I hadn't told that person, that she did, she said that she was doing damage control. Fixing what I had probably said about them. Why would she have done that if she didn't at least suspect I was telling the truth? What am I supposed to do? I love my mother and I need her support. She keeps turning her back on me and picking his word over mine. I thought parents were supposed to believe their children. Like I said, I'm 23 now, I just had my second child, and my father holds the child like it never happened, and I crunch every time he looks at my little boy, and I refuse to back down and let him get away with this. I also have a 7 yr old little brother that I have to protect from him. How do I make my mother see that I'm telling the truth?

Thank you, Avigdor

Letter 2

When I was young I was molested by my grandfather. I didn't realize what was happening until I was older, and at that point it hadn't happened in more than a year, and he was extremely sick. He died around 2 years later. While I realize what he did was wrong, and disgusting, I have never really been angry about it, or afraid, or really effected by it at all.

Recently though, me and my husband were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, and I started having these horrible sinking feeling. I'm terrified of having kids and leaving them with someone else. I'm so absolutely horrified that what happened to me will happen to her. Even the idea of leaving them with my husband makes me feel sick. I don't know what to do. I want more kids, and I love and trust my family and his family but I can't seem to work my way through this.

I keep thinking 'well I’m sure my dad didn't think that his dad would ever do something like that.' No one in my family knows what happened, and I don't see the point in telling them and ruining their memories of him, but I really don't know what to do. I can't function with this hanging over my head...

Sincerely, Chayala

Letter 3
I want to apologize before-hand for the length of this message.

For starters, I love your blog, I am addicted to it and you are doing a great Mitzvah in helping the community, and perhaps avoiding future abuse.

For years now, on and off, I have thought of and been very distressed about a situation that happened when I was 8 or 9 years old. Whenever I think about it (which sometimes is very often) I become very depressed / angry with myself. I get upset that I've let it affect me. I don't why it started bothering me so many years later, but it just started bothering me.

Here is the story: Throughout my childhood, I was severely picked on, especially by children on my school bus. When I was 8 or 9, this “Watcher / Rabbi” on the bus decided to befriend me. He was much bigger than me, and all of the kids on the bus would were scared of him. He began talking to me, and somehow began talking to me about sexual body parts/activities. I was always very interested, because I didn't know what he was talking about, and I felt like I was gaining some sort of secret knowledge that no one else at the age of 8-9 knew about. He began giving me instructions as to how I could touch myself/would tell me how he did/what would happen. He would offer to do it for me, because often I didn't know what he was talking about. He would ask me to go home and do what he told me and then report back about it the next day.

Time went on with all of this sexual talk, and he asked me to stay on the bus one day. I had no real concept of what he is about to do, but I said yes. After I said yes, he immediately began asking me to/insisting that I kiss him (which I didn't want to do) and to "suck his ****" (which I didn't understand what that was/wasn't sure I wanted to do anyway.) He asked me a couple of times to do it, and got very angry with me when I said no!. At the time, he was keeping me from being bullied / I sat with him on the bus because he was my only protection. He threatened me to revoke his “friendship/protection” when I told him I didn't want to do what he was asking.

Being that I was at such a young age, and was scared of the other boys on the bus who picked on me, I gave in and did everything he asked me to do. And this went on for almost a year.

One day, I finally told him I can’t do it anymore, and he stopped being my friend and “protecting me”, just like he threatened. In fact, he instructed everyone to treat me much worse (which they did) and I remember him saying "This wouldn't happen if you were listening to me. Looking back, I guess I was really lucky that he didn’t force himself on me after that.

As a little boy, I remember my feelings escalating from being happy to be with him, to feeling anxious/nervous/ill when I knew I'd have to do this. I also remember a nightmare that I had then, that I was running away from him scared, because he had a knife that he wanted to put inside me.

I'm very sorry again for the length of this message, and if it is hard to follow. I'm just confused. I don't know how to classify this series of events in my life. And I don't know what to do with all of the feelings I have around it. And I'm angry that I even have feelings about it at all.

Did what happened matter? What can I do now with all of this stuff that's been following me, because as much as I try to forget about it, it always comes back up again and torments me.

Thank you, Duvid

Letter 4
Hello guys, I cannot believe that I am actually emailing this, but I guess I am

So I've been molested by my father at least my sleep.

Not really. One day, I was having trouble sleeping so I just lay in my bed. At around 11 p.m, my dad enters the room (like always) thinking that I am asleep. He kisses my lips with tongue. I didn't find this unusual since he always does this when I am wide awake so he would do stuff for me (go somewhere for instance) except just lips, no tongue. I didn't like it but since I wanted something done I would just give with a one second peck on the lips.

Back to that night. After that kiss, I thought that he would leave but he didn't. He sat on my bed and removed my blanket slowly. He touched my breast. Squeezing them and cupping them occasionally touching my butt. He stopped as I try to position my self in a position where he wouldn't be able to touch my breast only but it didn't work. I wanted to scream and get him of me but felt like I couldn't do anything. I was on my bed screaming in the inside hoping that my brother would go up the basement as fast as he could.

Waiting for my brother to come up while my dad's touching me felt like hours. My brother finally comes up the stairs to go to bed. My dad gets out of my room and goes to bed in his room along with my mom and little brother. They share rooms. After that, I just cried feeling dirty. I could have done something but I didn't. I could have stopped it. It wasn't that bad. He didn't touch my genitals. I told myself that the next time he does this again I would jump out of my bed and scream to him what he did and to GET OUT OF MY ROOM and NEVER come back.

A week or two later, he comes back into my room. My little brother was right beside me sleeping. My dad pulls my shirt up and touches my left breast, sucked it and circled his fingers around it. In my head I was screaming. I just couldn't do what I told myself last time. He leaves my room and I was relieved but before I knew it he reenters. I was wearing short shorts. He slides his hands in one of the leg holes and touches my private part, touching the part where you pee. I hear the sound of a flashlight. It was pointing towards my private part. In my head I was "what the heck are you doing? I'm your DAUGHTER! Why would you do this???” I'm guessing that he could see my private area well. After this he left. Once again, with a feeling of being dirty, weak and unclean

It’s now years later, I think about it, every time he tries to hug me and I remember that sick feeling when he would touch my butt or just brush my breast. I remember that smell and exactly what happened. I am a married woman with kids now and I am frightened for my kids and I am just putting up a face as I am happy to see him.
This is the first time that I have told/wrote anybody about this. Nobody knows about it, My husband, MY mom, my brothers, my friends. They don't know. I feel like I can't tell anyone. I am alone and I am still living this nightmare. I don't know what to do.
Thank you for listening

Letter 5
I am 33 years old, and I believe I was molested by my grandfather when I was a child. I did not remember this until I was 25 years old and was at my Uncle's (his oldest son) Simcha. My grandfather was staring directly at my chest while I was talking with someone and I noticed it and immediately got nauseous and felt like I wanted to crawl into myself. It is very difficult to describe but I felt like I wanted to curl into a fetal position and rock back and forth. I do not remember exactly what happened, but I do remember when I was younger, 10 or so, that my grandfather always wanted me to sit on his lap and I went to my aunt and told her I did not like to sit on grandpa's lap and it made me uncomfortable.

I can not for the life of me remember what happened, but I do remember feeling uneasy about sitting on grandpa's lap and running from the room if he came in, for fear of him wanting me to sit in his lap. Recently, my grandfather died. When I heard the news, I felt nothing. Not sadness, not happiness, just nothing. It's as if it is just another day and nothing happened. My father is crushed by losing his father and has questioned me all day on why I haven't cried.

I will not and can not tell my father why I don't care that my grandpa died, but I guess I just want to know, was I molested? I don't remember specifics, but I remember that uneasy feeling and I remember the feeling I had 2 years ago when grandpa was starting at my breasts. There are also "rumors" that he acted inappropriately with some of his kids (my dad, his brothers, and sisters), and my dad's older brother molested most of his siblings which leads me to believe he was molested by his father, my grandfather also. What do you think? I know you can't say for exact, but do the feelings and lack of feelings for his death lead you to believe that maybe something did happen that I am repressing?


I think, this would be the right time to post the following:
A friend of mine interviewed two persecutors of the DA’s office approximately six weeks ago and here is most of the interview

“There is a long way to go in uncovering domestic rape. The schools are not qualified enough to recognize mistreated children and some schools prefer to hush everything up to protect their reputation,”
Assistant District Attorney, Brooklyn, NY.

We believe that only a fraction of pedophilic incest reach the courts – one tenth at best, and even those mostly by accident.
Assistant District Attorney, Brooklyn, NY.

“When my tatty was around he always wanted to touch me, everywhere. He grabbed and pawed me. The worst of all was when he sucked my breasts. He bit me. He threw himself on top of me. It hurt. It was repulsive. He did it to me everywhere. In the car, in the bed, and in the basement. He told me that if I tell anybody about it he will go hang himself.”
14 year old girl in BoroPark

Often Mother Rejects the Raped Child
A woman expecting a baby comes home and is flabbergasted to find her beloved husband having intercourse with her daughter. She’s 12.

The startled man runs away, and the woman… gets pissed, beats up her daughter and phones her own Mom – what to do? The women will then come to a “sensible” conclusion: the best thing for everyone is to pretend that nothing happened.

By then, the raped child will have had medical care and the doctors have a sperm specimen. The girl’s mother crosses her heart saying nothing happened, and if something did happen, it must have been provoked by the little girl.
The suspect also pleads innocent. He cannot explain the sperm specimen – how on earth could it have got there?

Another case. A child molester in custody is awaiting trial in court. One morning, the mother and the mistreated child enter the prosecutor’s office. The child has told the investigators and experts long ago what her father did to her. But now the teenage girl, eyes brimming, explains the prosecutor that she saw everything that supposedly happened to her in a porn movie and just fantasized – Dad has done nothing.

“Talking with the child alone I had no doubt that the crime was indeed committed and that the mother had forced the child to change her statement,” says the prosecutor.

Often, mothers are the worst enemies of their raped children. According to some prosecutors, in 80 per cent of the cases, mothers deny everything. They tell the investigators that the child is prone to making things up, has wild fantasies, and is seeking revenge. Or, that the daughter herself enticed Daddy into having sex with her.

Some of these mothers have been victims of abuse themselves. With the majority, financial calculation takes precedence. If the father of the family goes to jail, money may soon run short, very short. So the mothers will start working upon the daughters: it is your fault that Dad is in custody, now we will starve until you take your statement back.

“What most often amazes me is that mothers never go to the police and when the Investigation is already under way, they’ll keep repeating that they knew nothing,” says one of the prosecutors. “On one hand, this is self-defense – you don’t want to say that you had your suspicions but failed to act. On the other hand, a lot of women genuinely can’t believe their husbands are capable of doing things like that and find it easier to put it down to an adolescent fantasy than to a predator husband.”

Predators don’t lack imagination
Only a small minority of pedophiles are prone to physical violence. They play with the victim’s feelings, coax and threaten. “If you tell anyone, Daddy will go to jail.” “Mommy will be very angry if she finds out.” “Maybe we’ll have a divorce and I’ll never see you again.” These are the most common lines but they are usually said only after the intercourse. “It all begins with the semi-innocent touch,” says the prosecutor. “After all, fathers do caress their children, don’t they? Then there are bathing, scrubbings. At one point the child is in a position where he or she cannot refuse the father.”

“The child thinks that everything father does is alright. They don’t know there is something criminal there. In my opinion children should be better informed, they should be explained in the playschool that certain ways of touching are improper and should be spoken about,” another recommends. “Someone like that says to the child, “It is perfectly normal that Daddy teaches you those things, who else should do it?”” says a third prosecutor. “But if you have done it once, you won’t be able to say no. Then father will say, “I’ll tell your friends what kind of a person you are, I’ll tell mother that you asked for it.” Or he will threaten the child with a divorce, police, jail or suicide – manipulation stops at nothing.

A grandfather abused his grandchild for years. He took the girl out to his place of work, made oral contact with her genitals and demanded she does the same to him. It started when she was 4 years old. “It would never have been discovered if the girl hadn’t become worried about her little sister. The sister was reaching the age when her own sufferings had begun. She talked to her aunt and the woman reacted in the right way,” says the prosecutor. Another long term abuse case was discovered only when the daughter had had enough and attacked her father with a knife.

The cases where a child is driven to the brink of suicide after enduring years of unwanted sex are not rare either. One of the prosecutors told us of a 14 year old girl, repeatedly raped by her father, who wrote an anonymous letter to the school psychologist. She said nothing about sex, just mentioned suicidal thoughts. With joint efforts of the psychologist and the crisis counselor the girl agreed to expose the rapist. “The child was terribly scared. She calculated what age she would be when father got out of jail and if she’d be independent enough to deal with revenge,” says the prosecutor.

Unpredictable Consequences
The court is hearing a case where a father abused his daughters aged 9-12 for four years. “He did to them practically everything a man can imagine,” says the prosecutor. “But what worries me most amidst all this horror is what will become of these children afterwards…” Immediate consequences are often among the least serious. Initially, the child is deprived of sleep – she doesn’t dare sleep for the father may “accidentally” stumble into the child’s bedroom at night. Sitting becomes uncomfortable; he or she becomes tense and withdrawn, uncooperative at school. General apathy may cause hygiene problems. Other children perceive that and start ostracizing the victim, thus adding to domestic abuse.

Signs of beating are much easier to notice – these are obvious to everyone. In most cases, sexual mistreatment leaves no visible marks. However, the trauma will be life-long.

English psychologists Carolyn Ainscough and Kay Toon have written a book “Breaking Free”, based on the recollections of people who have suffered sexual abuse. The gruesome study revealed that consequences of childhood abuse haunt us throughout our lives. They cause feelings of guilt and shame, depression and anxiety, eating disorders, fear of relationships and sexual problems.

“Who can tell how mistreated children will perceive sexual relations in adulthood? Will they see it as the foulest thing in the world or will they be able to enter normal relationships and put it all behind them?” asks one of the prosecutors. “As a rule, they will remain victims and will continue living it for a long time. Nobody can tell how they will react to a tiniest trigger in the future,” says another.

Talk About It!
The prosecutors’ advice is to talk about abuse by all means. Even, if it happened years ago. Cases of sexual crimes against children don’t expire that soon. A rape may be reported to the police 10 years after the victim has turned 18. “Report it, even if it happened 20 years ago,” urge the prosecutors. “We will react in any case and the perpetrator will not walk away with the sense of impunity. It is our task, together with the psychologists, to make the victims see that it was not their own fault.”

Just recently, in late November the Court sentenced a man who had abused and raped his stepdaughter in 1991-2000 to 10 years in prison. It had started when the child was only six years old. The raping continued till the girl was 16. The case was opened only in 2002 after the young woman filed a claim: she had been afraid to tell anyone before.

A 25 year old woman reported her father having pawed and ogled her as a child. She did it because she was worried about her baby sister, living under the same roof with the man. He was cleared of any suspicion of sexual assault; however, his computer was found brimming with child pornography.

Yes or No to Public Exposure?
Some daily newspapers have called for publicizing of names and photographs of all convicted pedophiles. None of the officials we spoke to endorse the idea. Skywriting the name of the pedophile means skywriting the victim’s name, says one of the prosecutors. “Even if the candy man picked an anonymous victim at random, the photo in the newspaper will make the assaulted person feel like – oh god, I’m in the news. They are writing about my case! The victim will take it personally and will not realize that his or her name was not mentioned. He or she may become detached for weeks and in the future, may have one inhibition less. And as for the perpetrators – if they fight it, take medication, go to a psychologist, why deprive them of hope and an incentive to reform by pillorizing them?”

“I don’t side with that – this would only mean stigmatizing, it doesn’t rid the pedophiles of their urges. Pedophiles must have access to treatment and their movements must be registered by the state so that they wouldn’t settle down near playschools, etc. For some reason we don’t see a lot of progress has been made by doing just that, registering home addresses with the police and informing the neighborhoods about the pedophiles,” says another prosecutor. “I would expose the ones who deny their problem. For those who tackle the problem, stigmatizing would be cruel and could add to mental disorders, even to the point of suicide,” says another.

All the people commenting to us agreed that registries meant for official use, like the ones we have here in NY, are indispensable. Every police officer should know about a convicted child molester settling in his or her area. Every school and kindergarten ought to have information about whom not to employ, even if it is a handyman.

To Punish or to Cure?
In the USA, child molesters usually get long prison sentences (Like Baruch Lebowitz who just got 32 years and Moshe Weingarten who received 30 years). But this is not always viable. Sometimes, to spare the child from a court procedure, compromises have to be made. The prosecutors say that putting a child through adversary court proceedings is like setting a bunny against a boa constrictor.

Even though the Supreme Court has ruled that the defendant must be allowed to interview the child, the prosecutors feel that sparing children should be the first consideration here. “We use expert opinion; we videotape the interviews so as not to leave any doubt or ambiguities. If an expert says giving evidence in court is going to harm the child we won’t do it. That’s that. It’s not as if one of the defendant’s basic rights is to question the child at a random stage of the proceedings. The child’s mental health surely overrides those rights. The investigators have to be professional enough to clear off the ambiguities.”

One of the prosecutors explained why he sentenced a cunning and careful man, who had repeatedly molested his twelve year old daughter, only conditionally. The man always used a condom and never had actual intercourse with the girl but just mimicked it – so as not to leave any hard evidence. All was discovered by an accidental eyewitness who happened to walk by the car where the intercourse was being committed. The eyewitness called the police, the daughter told nothing.

“The man admitted that he was ill and needed treatment,” said the prosecutor. “Also, he is the sole bread earner of a large family. And yet another thing – sentencing him to prison would have meant that the whole local community, her schoolmates etc would became aware of what happened to the girl – raped by her own father… I decided that – all things considered – a long probation, compulsory visits to a psychologist and getting treatment will be best.”

Some prosecutors disagree: “I don’t believe in treatment,” says another. “Naturally, the “electronic bracelet“and treatment are popular catch phrases among the pedophiles to get the parole. But treatment – I regard this as postponing the next assault for just a little while. It all really begins with the pedophile’s wish to check himself, to control his own urges, and that will never happen by pressure from the outside… “Its not the pedophiles’ fault they were born like that,” says another prosecutor. “Pedophilia is a diagnosed disorder and the state is obliged to deal with it. Persons who recognize their disorder must get access to treatment. Tougher sentences only work for those who deny their problem. But in that case the only effective punishment would be a life sentence.”

In general, 70 percent of the victims are under 14 years old. In more than a half cases the child victim was a relative or someone the molester knew. The typical child molester is male, 30 to 55 years old, having no accomplices.

According to one of the prosecutors, most of the child abuse cases heard by the court come from underprivileged families. “However, you can’t go by that,” he adds. “The better off the family, the less chance of exposure. There are additional motives to cover up: social standing, etc. And the media won’t crack down on “unexceptional” pedophiles either.


  1. how is it you write a blog on SATURDAY


  2. its called! not everyone lives in the USA and exactly where do you live?

  3. Sorry i was not logged in, but i am not in the USA currently. and it was written after the zman where i am right now

  4. He is in russia, or don't keep shabbos, because of th rabunem, they are all the problems, because the put Nuchom in cheirem

  5. Anybody check on lipner's current whereabouts?

  6. BS. he is making up stupid fantasized stories ..

  7. the real issue here is that the author of this site professes to be all about protecting Nuchem and his good name.

    Yet -all he does is prove to us that there are problems of pedophilia in the community - something nobody is denying.

    He then goes on to add a 'wall of shame', wherein he lists people who may or may not have 'commited' a crime.

    The only two things I come away sure of is :

    a. Pedophilia exists in boro park, as well as in the upper west side, and park slope.
    b. Nuchem is a scoundrel for whom putting innocent people in prison in the name of his cause is considered legitimate.
    c. The owner of this site is NOT an honest concerned activist - but simply a foul-mouthed 'chusid of Nuchem'.

    What I do hope for:

    a. Greater community awareness - particularly on 'how to protect your kids'
    b. Honest professionals (with well-regarded training from top tier universities,no -not Adelphi degrees) who care about the community but also about justice
    c. a greater degree of sensitivity and awareness to the nuances of the chassidic community amongst the law enforcement and prosecutorial community.

    additional commentary:

    The Asher and Nochum's of the world are only successful because there is a predisposition in the outside world that the closeted chasidim must be really freaky( - hell they grow up in brooklyn and often can't communicate in english! ), so anyone who comes with tales that involve bath houses (anathema itself to the outside world) gets a free pass with little verification.

    Unfortunately verdicts in the secular courts are imperfect, particularly in cases of 'he said she said' such as divorces of claims of abuse that are brought up years later. These cases are based purely on whom a set of people like better and therefore are more inclined to believe. It is said to see supposed advocates 'cheer on' and create media attention when they themselves are clearly not sure of the truth. (and if they are 'sure' of the truth -this itself undermines their integrity).

  8. At 9:23 PM Anonymous said:
    "Unfortunately verdicts in the secular courts are imperfect"
    I couldn't agree me with you more, but it is also true that
    Stating the above is not apikorsus, it is just saying the obvious. When I read the various Daas Torahs supporting convicted molesters there is no reason to accept them. They are based on clan loyalties. Nothing more. Everybody knows this. These Deos Torah are simply declaring, without basis, that a guy with the right clothes and belonging to the right clan, cannot possibly have done what he is accused of, no matter what the evidence. We got Weingartens, Lebovits's, Mondrowitz's and many more. They belong in the can in spite of the sanctimonious Daos Torah.

  9. to anon @ 10:06
    Show me a letter of support for mondrowitz..

  10. To 10:27 -
    You are correct. In the Mondrowitz case there was no formal "daas torah". When the Ger mafia forms legions for your defense a "daas torah" is unnecessary. The muscle takes care of the situation. Don't mess with Texas. . . er. . . I mean Ger.

  11. What about the letter Nuchom's daughter sent to her father, did he read it too?

  12. Names changed... Cut the b...

    How arer we to know that these letters were really sent?

    They represent the typical victim's monologue, nothing original, the blogger is definitely good at writing, but these stories just don't ring authentic, there is no pain and coming thru the lines, it just doesn't give you that sincere feeling.

    Yes, I believe that such, or even worse, stories have happened, but for some reason they don't seem to confide to this author...

    I hope this is my last visit to this blog, for there is nothing new here, worth of reading, the stories are probably a collection of some old psychologist's case files from a Text book or the likes.

    So admin.
    As it seems you enjoy this kind of dirt, so have fun...

  13. Once again, you keep throwing in the words “I am against pedophile, but…”

    Baloney! You are NOT against pedophilia, or you would not constantly say “Throwing innocent people in jail” you keep making statements and cant back up ONE single one. Please show an innocent man in jail. Please show what you do to fight pedophilia. YOU CAN’T!

    So do us all a favor, and get out of the way, so the people who are willing to help, can go on with their holy work and make a difference in our community.

  14. And by the way, I am glad that you base your decisions on your personal feelings “these stories just don't ring authentic, there is no pain and coming thru the lines” So now you are a professional and an expert on how young men and women discussing their lives as little kids putting their emotions on paper, should come across!

    Do yourself a favor and don’t comment here. You are making a fool of yourself, and making a fool of your “cause” (which is to protect molesters and to revenge Lebowitz’s prison time.

  15. Favour not granted... If you don't want me to comment, you're entitled to block this ip address from posting, just don't claim that you're not moderating, understood?

    Before I forget, I'd like to thank the admin. for taking the trouble and going the extra mile, just to make sure that I won't make a fool of myself and of my cause...
    Thank you.

    Now down to business,
    what's the reasoning behind your judgement, that everyone who doesn't agree with Nuchem and Vicky, both of who aren't trustworthy for different reasons, is here to protect molesters?

    Can you prove it? YOU CAN'T!

    Anyway, the option of responding is up to you, but I would advise you to try to keep your answers straight and to the point, not just bashing around the way you do. Maybe, just maybe someone will start taking you serious.

    Who knows, that some might even be myself...