Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The rabbi is overdoing it!

It is just absolute idiocy and absurdity to see to what extent people will bend the truth, and say anything just to make a point. While, accusing Rabbi Rosenberg of doing just that!

These are the lines they have been using from the very beginning, while maintaining that they are in support of punishing molesters, but of course they have no solution on how to deal with them. (Of course they have a solution! They have been doing it for 25 years. It’s called JUST LOOK AWAY!)

Excuse #1  Rabbi Nuchem has a personal agenda
Excuse #2  Rabbi Nuchem exaggerates the problem; it’s not really that bad
Excuse #3  Leave it to the professionals
Excuse #4  The dog ate the homework (or any other non-sense)

For starters, here is a web site that every responsible parent should check twice a week
http://criminaljustice.state.ny.us/SomsSUBDirectory/search_index.jsp  - Check to see, who in your neighborhood is registered on this site. Make sure that you know how to protect your kids. Once you have done that, I don’t believe you will say "personal agenda" ever again!

What a shame it is to see these names in our community! What a degradation to see pictures of Religious guys registered on a site like this. You want to leave it to the professionals? 25 years of “doing nothing” is not long enough? WAKE UP GUYS! We got a man who dedicated himself, his family and his life to help you out, and you complain? You should kiss his feet every day for keeping your “little kinderlach” safe!


  1. "kiss his feet"

    Are you guy's gay or what?

  2. Former Nuchem SupporterAugust 24, 2010 at 9:10 PM

    Nuchem lost my support (and many others) when he lost control and started bashing every Ruv imaginable. He basically started shooting himself in the leg.

    If he wouldn't be cursing every Ruv in the world including the Skulener, the Viznitzer, Reb Moshe Green and dozens of others he would come across more credible.

    Instead he let his ego carry him away. Big time.

    No. I don't support molesters. Yes, Nuchem did a good job with some pedophiles.


    He got carried away. And in the process he lost all his credibility.

    It's one thing to bash molesters, it's quite another to bash Yidden whose only crime is that they don't follow Nuchem's Mishigasen.

  3. משתתף בצערן של ישראלAugust 24, 2010 at 9:11 PM

    Those creeps must be totally off their minds.
    They are a bunch of molesters just like Yisroel Hager,Berel Ashkenazy, Meilech Leifer, and some others who's names i'll leave for next time. Wait till you will hear the recordings of Meilech "והלא קל שבקלים אינו אומר כן".
    I had a very interesting conversation with a 20 year old Satmar young man. He told me that about 10 years ago while he was learning in Satmar cheider, he made a commotion in english class, the rebbe/supervisor by the Name of שלמה ישראל מייזליש was called, he told him to stand agains the wall, and he started rubbing his butt, when he told his friend what happened (and he told me specifically that these were the better kids) they told him "don't you know that his nickname is "מחילה קראצער"?. He also told me that on other occasions, he called him to the office, puled him between his legs and pulled him against his crotch. This pervert still has a desk job in the Yeshivah.
    As far as Rechman is concerned, I would like to know why he was on leave till his accuser turned 23?
    I can go on and on, but what's the use?

  4. first you have the entire laglaglaglaglag list and then take the telephone book too, I bet you have a bigger list.

  5. To Former Nuchem Supporter,

    Moshe Green IS either a first class menuval, a prolific idiot or both.
    Can you otherwise explain why the a-hole supported the mega incestuous rapist Weingarten when the Bais Din of R' Chaskel Gold, Ch. L. Rottenberg and B. Z. Wozner were mekabel eidut from multiple familial victims of his? I was privy to the court and bais din files and that sheigitz was guilty as hell for raping his daughters, molesting his brother etcetra. And all M Green could sputter is "a yid geit nisht tzu court, kein mull nisht". Mindless morons who live off the community from sheer brazzen chutzpa declare themselves rabbonim and gedoilim, sorround themselves with bullies and wealthy kovod zeechers and walla! you got yourselves amei haaretz who can preach a powerfull sermon like a midevil preist yet are clueless when it comes to actual halacha. For the thousanth time: YOU DO NOT HALACHICALY REQUIRE TO HAVE 2 MALE ADULTS TESTIFY TO A CONCEALED RAPE, SODOMY or MOLESTATION. tHE WORDS OF A MINOR OR WOMAN SUFFICE contingent on very realistic conditions which are easily met. Besides, kol delo possuk is established halacha absent any blatant and obvious negius.

  6. And I'm only warming up, Former Nuchem Supporter. Just wait till when I'm up to full steam!

  7. the last comment was written by a non Jew.

    How can a non Jew tell us what is HALACHICALY required.

    Basically you guys don even deserve to be answered, keep up ur dumb work

  8. Former Numchem SupporterAugust 24, 2010 at 9:39 PM

    OK, I can see OUJ is here. I quit.

    Bye bye. Good luck with the filthy language.

    You'll get very far like that.

    Don't forget to make up your own comments like you do with 99% of the comments on your recycle-me blog.

  9. Former Nuchem SupporterAugust 24, 2010 at 9:43 PM


    No, that comment has the signature and MO of the infamous UOJ.

    (who by the way, got sooooo far with his recycle-me blog that even Margulis his arch enemy is still alive and kickin.

    Maybe if he would try to kill a cockroach with a canon he would succeed.

  10. Former Nuchem SupporterAugust 24, 2010 at 9:46 PM

    Correction. Wouldn't try to kill a cockroach with a bazooka that is.

    Now go ahead ane call me a pedophile for disagreeing with your filthy language and shtick only pedophiles like BML and the rest of the creeps can come up with.

  11. Nuchom lost my support when he talked against the Nikolsburger Rebbe telling lies about a story that I personally know that this story was not true, and because he is Buroch Mordechei Lebovits's brother, is it his fault what his brother did? is he responsible of his brothers wrong doing? who else should know as good as Nuchom how it feels when the community goes against you, is it right what he keeps doing to him? The Nikelsburger Rebbe is doing so much for yiddishkeit and yiras shomayim, and connect people to yiddishkeit, as a matter of fact Nuchom ones talked so highly about him and what a tzadik he is, all of the sudden he is against him ? then when he lost my support.

  12. It's just a matter of time before camments start being censored on this blog (like on Nuchem's)

    The genius who opened this blog was sure all of Nuchem's 300000000 supporters would jump and say AMEN to the Heilige Rebbe Reb Nuchem who lost sight of his real mission and instead of dealing with the BML's he busy bickering about Itzu Glick and how much he doesn't give a hoot about the other blog and the Rabbanim.

    Yah yah.

  13. I'm honored to be accused of being UOJ. Honest to goodness, my friends have wondered about that too at times. Only the great one lives on the left coast, whereas I, as the blog owner can readily verify if he so wishes, live right here under your noses in the big apple. Amazing as to how they jump all over me yet no one can refute the facts I state. Don't bother, Ive spent years honing my skills by trying to, and quite successfuly if I might add, educate the sheepfolk amongst my coreligionists. BTW, I get a kick at reading how folks get so mad at my rants. Ha Ha!

  14. ...and yes. He is one darn green a-hole who will pay for what he did in the world to come if he doesn't repent post haste. Take that and do teshuva. Return to Nuchem or your soul cannot be saved. LOL :-). I'm having more fun then legaly allowed.

  15. Alright I'll clean up my language. It is Elul, isn't it? Time for all those perverts to shop till they drop at your local mikve. Buyers (i.e. parents) beware! Why a parent will let a prepubescent boy within a thousand yards of those sleaze joints is beyong my comprehension. Unless they conform to R' Nuchem's standards of CCTV someone should let the gas leak in those basements and send them all up in a terrific ball of flames never to be rebuilt again. Makes whorehouses look tame these mikvaos. Now don't get bent into a pretzel screaming that I disparage the mikve. I disparage the way we allow the molesters free reign in there. That is all.

    Long live Duke Nuke! The hero riding to the defence of children anywhere, anytime and any way.

    P.S. And UOJ is cool too. (Had to get that jab in too. Sorry.)

  16. thanks i see youre not moderated.
    At least youre not scared of the truth.
    Your adversaries who are called get rid of site is moderated. They wont say who they are, or what rabbi supports them. They believe in shielding molesters to carry on as they have freely admitted on their site.
    They claim to want to give them 'therapy' and have the names of 2 therapists on their blog who have most likely never heard of them.
    i have written to them countless messages which they moderate and wont put on their site.
    i am the author of many of the anonymous messages trying to draw them out of what they really want and what they stand for.
    i have written that the torah command death and for them to be put out of circulation they put that on not knowing what i was getting at.
    i also wrote that a ben sorer umore gets death not therapy.
    the idea of therapy and not to be put out of circulation or death is against the torah.

  17. i have challenged them to name one rov who holds otherwise. they replied go to failed moshiach who are now discussing it without mentioning them to give them the publicity they crave for.
    i have nothing to do with nochum i just want this matter clarified once and for all.
    what deterrent has an abuser got if youre not going to go the police about and go to the rov who will hush it up and has no idea how to deal with it. when the torah commands death.

  18. i have written to them and told them that i think they are most likely alter bochurim whom no one want bone idle with nothing to do and most likely get up to things one shouldnt be.
    they have a long windng post in english in hebrew letters as though that gives them a hechsher.
    Just remember their main purpose is not as they state to help the person wrongly abused but to shield the abuser as their replies to me point out. You couldnt find bigger fools running a web site. and they have never heard of a spell checker. all their posts are written by themselves as they freely admitted to me on line and think its a big joke as well

  19. failed moshiach is now taking this up

  20. Good morning boys and girls,

    I woke up to see lots of action on here! I love it! And let me make this point: If I will eventually moderate this blog and sensor the comments, it will not be due to the negative comments, as a matter of fact, the negative comments will be posted first. Because, in a perverted kind of way, it’s NOT NEGATIVE, it is so positive and helps make my point and supports the fact on how important Rabbi Nuchem is. We might moderate one day for a totally different reason, for the fact that all the comments come from the same two “useless wreckage”, giving you the same song and dance, and it is just painful to read the same comment in different verbs.

    But for now, it is very important that you two keep commenting and making fools of yourselves and your theory! But know this, I am totally on to you (take it for what’s its worth)

  21. OU's Rabbinic Authority Says Do Not Call Law Enforcement On Child Sexual Abusers


  22. Lakewood Orthodox Jewish leaders want abuse accusations addressed
    As rift widens, community insists problems should be brought to rabbis


  23. so i guess nuchem is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. re: Bashing "Rebbeim"

    Perhaps those "rebbeim" care more about hiding child molesters and other pervs (and doing other nefarious things that seem to be common among "rebbeim" today) than doing the right thing and deserved to be called out.

    In my mind, you can be m'karayv millions of people and learn more torah than anyone, but the second you knowingly hide a child molester and allow them to continue to ruin the life of even ONE MORE child, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE and should be called out and punished.

  25. Anonymous at 5:24am said: "i have written that the torah command death and for them to be put out of circulation they put that on not knowing what i was getting at. i also wrote that a ben sorer umore gets death not therapy. the idea of therapy and not to be put out of circulation or death is against the torah"
    Are u really an עם הארץ or u think we are all הארצים עם? don’t u know that in accordance with the torah u can only punish if there are 2 people who said they saw the actual act and beth din question them in all deferent ways to make sure its true and this is even for the smallest punishment let alone death as the גמרא said that a Beth Din who killed even once in 70 years are called a beth din who likes to kill so if you lot are so anxious to follow the torah get your facts straight before u talk.

    1 more thing, NuchemISright at 6:23am said: "We might moderate one day for a totally different reason, for the fact that all the comments come from the same two “useless wreckage”, giving you the same song and dance, and it is just painful to read the same comment in different verbs"
    Don’t u think that the reason why the other blog are moderating is because there is the same 2-3 people writing stupid posts with the same questions and comments and it is just painful to read the same comment in different verbs?

    Now to the point. No one disagree that there is a problem with molestation and when people come on here and write that the other blog claim that there is no problem, they are either liars or cant read because they keep saying over and over that they agree there is a problem but nuchem is not the solution and I totally agree with them as I used to listen to his hotline right from the beginning and I used to joke with my friend that no matter what subject nuchem will talk about he will always manage to link filth to it so it sounds like he just likes talking about sex and now he found a legitimate reason to do it “he fights molestation”.

    I can personally tell u 2 stories where nuchem was bashing people even though he was told that he got the story wrong

    I can write all day long but thank god I have a job so have to go back to work now.

  26. am hoorets!
    learn sanhedrin81B
    beth din starves people out when no eidim are available.
    molesters dont get off scott free.

  27. Yanky
    If nochum is the solution is not my concern i am not in this game. what i question is your (the other blog) distortion of the Torah. Since you come from there, name me your Rov or poisek who says you give them therapy, totally against the torah.
    You either kill them by starvation or at least put them in prison out of circulation.
    Tell me you so called big talmid chochom, what is worse this or ben sorer umorer
    I know your answer in advance the correct answer is of course the opposite.

  28. yanky
    also my other question if youre going to shield them and keep it quiet and just give them 'therapy' what deterrent have they got not to do it again.
    come on come on come on
    answers please!!!!

  29. You know what lets say (I don’t believe so but just for argument sake) that the correct way is to go to the authorities but to u believe that nuchem is the doing it the right way?
    Do u think that going on TV and telling the whole world that every teacher and rav is bad is the right way? (u have to bear in mind that when nuchem says to the TV that there is 2 bad rabbi’s the will blow it up just to show that Jewish people are bad)
    Do u think that slandering every person who disagree with him is the right way? (and lets forget for a minute that most of this people are rabunim)
    Do u think that labelling innocent people in doing the worse things without clarifying the sources before hand is the right way?
    Do u think that it can only be done by using language that is considered filth even by non Jewish people is the right way? (and for the record nuchem used this language long before he was fighting molestation)

  30. I wrote i am not into nochum.
    But you still say that going to authorities is wrong and do therapy is right.
    So all my questions remain,
    it is against the Torah
    and what kind of a deterrent is it going to be.

  31. it is against the torah because the torah says we have to listen to the rabunim and they said u are not allowed to go to the authorities and u should try first with therapy, when they see it doesn’t work they and only thy can give u permission to go to the authorities

  32. Yanky - please quote where R' Nuchem said that "every teacher and rav is bad".

    Do YOU think it is right for the gedolim which you speak to HIDE child molesters so that other parents cannot protect their children? Because they DO.

  33. Only the great one lives on the left coast, whereas I, as the blog owner can readily verify if he so wishes, live right here under your noses in the big apple

    Right... which is why the timestamp on this blog is not EST.

  34. Shira Survivor said: Yanky - please quote where R' Nuchem said that "every teacher and rav is bad". Shira please look what I wrote in brackets after that. For the records this is what I wrote: “u have to bear in mind that when nuchem says to the TV that there is 2 bad rabbi’s they will blow it up just to show that Jewish people are bad”

    About hiding molesters, I think we have a fundamental problem here coz u feel that the way the rabunim are dealing with the problem means they hide the abuser and nothing more but the fact is that they are not just protecting the abuser they also try helping the victims and ensure the abuser have the proper help to be a normal person. So as long as u think of the rabunim in that way no matter what I will say u will still feel that all they do is “hiding” molesters so my idea is go to a rav u know and trust and ask him if he ever dealt with such a case or he knows another rav who did and how it was done then u will see that the picture is not SO black and again I am not saying that every case was dealt properly but there is loads of cases that the police didn’t handle properly as well so u have to look on the over all picture and u will see that the rabunim’s way is not unreasonable

  35. Shira is Fed Up with the Idiots SaysAugust 26, 2010 at 7:41 PM

    Yanky - why do you care what the TV says? What the TV says is a reason for not publicizing who is a molester so that others might be safe?

    There is a reason there are laws that say a sex offender must register and their pic is up for everyone to see - BECAUSE THEY ARE DANGEROUS TO SOCIETY, and so that YOU can protect your CHILD.

    Why don't you want to protect your child?