Monday, October 24, 2011

Open for business 24-7

B”H the Yomim Tovim are over and we are back to our daily routine of going to work every day, and slowly getting back to the norm.

Of course while we were taking it easy, spending time with the family and resting from work on Chol hamoed, spending days in Shul and with family, there was one man that did not take a break.

Rabbi Nuchem does not take vacation, does not take leave and does not have 9-5 hours, he is not given the same luxury we have, but of course he does not have a shul to daven either.

Welcome to the Club Moshe Turner

The hypocrisy is extreme and the wrong-doing is terrible.

But let’s forget about that point for a second. Over the month of Teishrei, Rabbi Nuchem gave his regular speeches, updated his web site and unfortunately had to make multiple Emergency updates.

When the Rabbi has to make an Emergency update its usually not a good thing. I cant wait to see the day when the rabbi has a week off and comes back with a speech that the streets are clean and can only speak for 2 hours about his Divrei Torah of the week.

Before I continue with my article this week, I want you all to read the following article in todays LoHud newspaper

RAMAPO — A 58-year-old Monsey man has been charged with sexually molesting a 14-year-old boy, Ramapo police said today.

Police accused Moishe Turner of 5 Dana Road of having anal and oral sex on seven occasions throughout Ramapo and Spring Valley.

The investigation led to Turner's arrest last week on seven felony counts of second-degree criminal sex act and one misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of a child.

Detective Sgt. Brian Corbett said the investigation found the sexual activities occurred across Ramapo and in Spring Valley.

He said Ramapo detectives kept the case because the alleged crimes started in the town's jurisdiction.
"At this point in our investigation, we think there may have been more victims," Corbett said.

Ladies and Gentleman,
First I think we should put the owners of LoHud magazine in Cheirem for talking so dirty, how dare they but on a more serious note: What the hell is going on in our community? Look at the picture of this beast he had anal sex with boys, 7 times what we know off!

Raboisai, This is what you want rabbi Nuchem not to talk about? This is what you want him to push under the rug? Forget about this menuvel for a second, think about the 7 victims that had his milah in their little asses forced into them! Is that too graphic for you? Is that too much to digest on a Monday afternoon? What are these kids going to do with their ruined lives at the age of 14? What are their parents supposed to do with their jewels? 

Its been months since the Kletzky Story, every one forgot about it, life goes on, many more people in the community have been arrested, and nothing seems to wake us up. Does the kid need to be killed in order to get our attention, or is anal sex 7 times with a 14 year old not good enough?

Let me stop guessing. what will get our attention and what will get ONE rabbi fired up and say: Rabbi Nuchem you were right we were wrong; I want to work with you! I ask you to tell me what it is you want to happen in our community before you jump out of your seat. Does it have to be someone you know, a cousin, a son a daughter, maybe 7 times is not enough for you, perhaps you are looking for a Yechiel Brauner type with 4000 kids in his resume?

WAKE UP PEOPLE!   On second thought, never mind stay quiet and make an appeal for this Moshe turner chazir and help a Jew out of Prison

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