Saturday, September 17, 2011

A bunch of Jokesters

The following Kol Koreh is the latest one by the rabbis.

The fact that Rabbi Nuchem has been yelling for 4 years that we should not send the kids to Israel, is beside the point, but I do want to focus on a couple of different points.

1.               1. Something original.

  Can you guys come up with something original, or are you just followers? I am fully convinced that each and every one of these rabbis are listening to rabbi Nuchems hotline every single week, because they are always right behind him.

Rabbi nuchem teaches us what’s important and the hot topics on the streets, and then the Rabbis will bring it up 2 years later as if they discovered America.
Why is it rabbi nuchems job to give you material? Aren’t you the ones that are supposed to watch the community and be on top of things? 

When do you decide to follow his lead and when do you decide not to? Do you think you accomplished anything with this Kol Koreh? Why don’t you follow the real issues and speak out against molestation? What a gutsy kol Koreh you gave! WOW! You guys really are not scared to make your opinion public!

You guys are such a joke!

2.  Look at the list 

How sad are we that these are our rabbunim today! Look at that list, it is a shame that this is what we got. Why didn’t you put up the complete LAG LAG list? 

It’s a laughable list of people and not of them can compare with rabbi Nuchem. I reaaly mean it, there is not one respectable Rabbi up there.

Shame on us !


  1. note these jokers are the lag lag rabbunim except for one rabbi wolfson

  2. Nuchem,please,please stop making a fool out of yourself,we all know that this blog's author is non other than yourself,pleasw cut it out already you are just embarrasing yourself

  3. I know this comment goes back for a while, but anonymous, Nuchem would never use such language. His Hungarian vocabulary doesn't come close to this foul English...